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PAKT (featuring Percy Jones, Alex Skolnick, Kenny Grohowski, Tim Motzer)  just completed an amazing run of concerts in Upstate NY, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia-area at the Sellersville Theatre. For those of you who missed these incredible shows and would like to experience one, Shapeshifter Lab has made available our show from 7/15 in Brooklyn. We hope you will enjoy. The concert will be available until Wednesday 7/26.

Order here:  https://shapeshifterplus.org/pakt-tickets

photos by Avraham Bank and Mike Polese
Beacon by Tim MotzerBeacon is an extraordinary cinematic dreamland solo set by guitarist Tim Motzer, recorded live at the legendary Quinn’s in Beacon NY.  Mastered by Brian Boland at Intracoastal.

We are offering limited hand-painted physical CD editions of 10 only. Each one is a unique painting. 5in x 10in, acrylic on white gatefold CD, with 24bit/48k hi-res download, signed & numbered by Tim and suitable for framing.
Purchase: 1krecordings.bandcamp.com/merch/beacon-limited-edition-handpainted-cd-edition

Tim Motzer – 6 & 12 string acoustic-electric guitars, baritone electric, electronics, looping, semi-modular, sequencer, percussion, bow

Available now! Only 10.

8/15 tu:NER with Tim Motzer solo, Symphony Hall, Allentown PA
8/17 tu:NER with Tim Motzer solo The Strand Theatre, Hudson Falls NY
9/23 david torn solo + (blade of) carlstedt motzer torn, Egnar Chapel, Muhlenberg college, Allentown PA


“For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been a composer/improviser with
contemporary dance for decades. I’ve worked and created scores with master choreographers Manfred Fischbeck, Olivier Tarpaga, Limon Dance Company, Raphael Xavier, Sean Feldman, Peggy Baker, and have performed live in Japan, Korea, Morocco, Scotland, Canada, and the United States. I have worked with choregraphers at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and Princeton University.

This project, Cyborg Dreams, is an amazing team of movers/creators led by choreographer Curt Haworth, with whom, I’ve collaborated with for over a decade. We have realized many dance works together. It’s a great collaboration. Cyborg Dreams is no exception, and in September, we are moving into a festival space at Icebox in Philadelphia for 3 exquisite performances.

Our funding for this masterwork fell through at the last moments with not just one, but two major grants. Funding is very difficult in these times, so we are reaching out to you for support. We know if we receive donations of $5-10 (or more) from many of you we will reach our funding goal of $5000 to meet our production needs. We have 37 days left to meet our goal.

Read and watch more about Cyborg Dreams and the wonderful creators involved here:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cyborg-dreams#/

Thank you for reading and for your generous support!”
– tim motzer

Enjoy your Summer!Music, Art, and Dance makes life go round!

Be sure to visit: https://1krecordings.bandcamp.com/music


Until next time!

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1k MARCH Newsletter – concerts x new music


“PAKT Packs a Punch of Free Improvisation Groove Fury! ” – John Diliberto, EchoesIt would be impossible to find a label that adequately defines the collective quartet PAKT, whose members combine experience in jazz, progressive rock, metal, experimental, and noise music – often overlapping, never constrictive. The band brings together four extraordinary musicians: bassist Percy Jones (Brand X, Brian Eno, David Sylvian, Suzanne Vega), guitarist Alex Skolnick (Testament, Trans-Siberian Orchestra), drummer Kenny Grohowski (John Zorn, Secret Chiefs 3, Imperial Triumphant), and guitarist Tim Motzer (Bandit65, David Sylvian, Jaki Liebezeit, Ursula Rucker, Jamaaladeen Tacuma). PAKT recalls the fearless attitude and daring approach that originally defined progressive music: where the magic of the moment always triumphs over preconception. Their blistering improvisations serve as a reminder to aficionados of what initially drew them to this most creative, visionary of musics. We look forward to seeing you!



After excellent PAKT concerts in New York City and Philadelphia last weekend (to be released digitally later this year), this NYC/Philly supergroup is continuing with 5 shows in Midwest:

MAR 01, WED – CHICAGO, IL (Reggie’s Shack)

MAR 02 THU – INDIANAPOLIS, IN (Irving Theater)


MAR 03 – COLUMBUS, OH (TBA,TBC) Stay tuned for announcement

MAR 04, SAT – WESTLAND, DETROIT, MI (Downstairs at Joy Manor)

MAR 05, SUN – CINCINNATI, OH (The Ludlow Garage)

If you can’t make any of the live shows, tune in from anywhere around the world and watch us play live in Chicago. This concert will also be available On Demand for 72 hours afterwards. So you’ll definitely have a chance to see us in the comfort of your home.Order PAKT Live Stream tickets here:
We will be bringing our latest double CD PAKT album, PLUS a special handpainted 12in x 17in PAKT logo art poster. All unique, one of a kind. You can have the band sign it. Suitable for framing.
We’ll also have beautiful PAKT T-shirts! In all sizes SM – 4XL, PLUS loads of merch & CDs from the guys…Of course, we’ll be signing everything after the show!
PAKT – LIVE IN PIERMONT – December 18, 2021
Another (digital only) live album of the NYC/Philly fusion-improv-prog-jam supergroup PAKT featuring Percy Jones, Alex Skolnick, Kenny Grohowski, Tim Motzer.
https://pakt-moonjune.bandcamp.com/…/pakt-live-in-piermontMore PAKT albums:
https://pakt-moonjune.bandcamp.comPercy Jones – Wal fretless 5 string bass, sampler, electronics
Alex Skolnick – guitar, electronics
Kenny Grohowski – drums, metals, percussion
Tim Motzer – acoustic-electric guitar, baritone guitar, bow, electronics

Recorded live at The Turning Point, Piermont, NY December 18, 2021 | Recorded and engineered by John McAvoy | Mixed and mastered by Markus Reuter, Berlin, Germany | Digital audio editing by Tim Motzer
Titles | PAKT logo and design by Tim Motzer | Photo by Avraham Bank

Mimi is a haunting new original release from Shadow Duo, paying homage to the memory of Mimi Parker of Low and Marylou ‘Mimi’ Metz, now available at 1k Recordings.Karen Gross – vocals, lyrics
Tim Motzer – acoustic & electric guitars, wurlitzer piano, tom, cymbals, drum machine, backing vocals”I was stunned, as so many of us were, upon the news of Mimi Parker’s passing. I loved her and Alan’s work in Low for many years. That particular day, in my studio, at a particularly charged moment i played a lydian-type chord on my baritone acoustic, and like magic this song emerged, as Karen immediately sang the melody with complete lyrics. It was as if the song was channeled through us. We followed our instincts and after tracking live voice and acoustic guitar, I felt we had a take. I followed with double tracking the acoustic, & spread them in stereo. We added harmony vocals which gave the song an ethereal lushness. Since Mimi played floor tom, i decided to add some tom played with mallet to compliment the drum machine track. Afterwards, I felt her presence in the track somehow. I kept following the path, including adding electric guitars and wurlitzer piano, until we were finished. It’s a beautiful but haunting piece dedicated to the memory of Mimi, but also to my sister ‘Mimi’ who left this world in November 2019. She was a singer too.” – tim motzer

Download MIMI here: https://1krecordings.bandcamp.com/track/mimi

This song is a tribute to the memory of Mimi Parker (11/05/22) and Marylou ‘Mimi’ Metz (11/24/2019).


UNXP EP is an epic 25 minute EP by Barry MeehanTim MotzerEric SlickTheo Travis featuring two newly re-mastered tracks, Re:Entry_UNXP (two tracks melded into one) and Time Fears the Pyramids, (taken from the 1k034 album: Goldbug – Naacal). We felt this particular music important enough to shine the light and put under your ears for a second listen, but we are betting it may be the first time!

Download here: https://1krecordings.bandcamp.com/album/unxp-ep

Re:Entry introduces clangorous Norwegian church bells along with morning birds dissolving into a questioning guitar arpeggiation. The voices of the Hieroglyphic Choir, an almost monolithic-Ligeti touchstone, moves the listener into astounding orchestral drama before the exhilaration of UNXPTime Fears the Pyramids is a magical eternity captured in amber—time, space and beauty.

There is spectacular drumming by Eric Slick throughout, a burning Theo Travis saxophone solo along way with Barry Meehan’s crushing and chordal bass inventions. Tim Motzer’s textural loops and reedy electric guitar melodies snake through this compelling journey. But all of that aside, it’s the whole, that we’re quite moved by. The compositions and orchestrations feel to be a complete statement, and stand on their own as a listening experience—a record within a record. We felt these sessions achieved something extraordinary that resonates.

Barry Meehan – bass, voice, guitar, microphone
Tim Motzer – guitars, piano, organ, electronics, field recordings, voice
Eric Slick – drums, percussion, contact mic, kaos pad
Theo Travis – saxophone
The Hieroglyphic Choir: Tim Motzer, Barry Meehan, Dejha Ti

Listen | Download Goldbug – Naacal (1k034) for the full story.

More new releases from 1k. Be sure to check out the deep 1k catalog!
is an eclectic Philadelphia-based boutique label run by guitarist, composer, and producer Tim Motzer. The catalogue features genre-defying solo releases and adventurous collaborations, spanning ambient soundscapes to progressive to electronic to art pop and beyond.1k catalogue: https://1krecordings.bandcamp.com/music
1k art + merch: https://1krecordings.bandcamp.com/merch“A catalog of music that is as unique as it is unpredictable.”
– WXPN, The Key

Celebrating 24 years

Copyright © 2023 1k recordings, All rights reserved.
you are recieving this mail as you opted in either to the 1k sessions site or 1k recordings website.Our mailing address is:

1k recordings

crease street

Philadelphia, PA 19125

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