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The life, music, and legacy of Marshall Hawkins as a professional Jazz musician and music director at Idyllwild Arts Academy.

Marshall Hawkins outside his Jazz building at Idyllwild Arts AcademyMarshall Hawkins outside his Jazz building at Idyllwild Arts Academy

Devon Gilpatrick (Co-producer): “I have made a number of films with many different people. Some of whom I wrongfully trusted, and some who became trusted collaborators. But MGP is the first company I have ever owned. ManoffGilpatrick Productions is very important to me. It is the one thing I can look at in my life at this moment and say ‘I have to own this. Succeed or fail. I have to own the work I put into this company’. Whatever work Ashi and I put into this project will be set in stone forever. I’m sure we must have looked ridiculous, two 19 year old kids walking into the San Diego county clerk’s office to get our company registered. But I don’t feel ridiculous. I’m in a suit and I look great, and I feel great, and I am ready to make this movie. Marshall has taken a chance putting this project in our hands, because this project will encapsulate his life and his legacy. I want to thank Marshall for taking that chance and I want to let him know that Ashi and I vow to do everything in our power to make a film that honors that legacy to the highest degree. So I am asking you to take that chance with MGP, to put your trust in Ashi and me, and make this movie a reality.”

Devon Gilpatrick shooting at Westgate hotel in Downtown, San Diego for the promotional videoDevon Gilpatrick shooting at Westgate hotel in Downtown, San Diego for the promotional video

As far as the budget goes for the making of this film, we estimate a total of $20,000 in order to bring our full artistic vision to fruition. The main costs for this film will go into traveling expenses. We have an extensive list of heavy weight names in the music industry who have played a significant part in Marshall’s story. Some of you may know about Marshall’s playing in Miles Davis’ band along with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, and Tony Williams in his younger days, but a large number of professionals know and have a lot to say about Marshall. We could list all of their names, but it would defeat the purpose of making a film that will bring light to these people’s part in Marshall’s life. We would rather you anticipate experiencing this through our film. We can promise that you will all be surprised to see those Marshall has been affiliated with.

However, it’s true we are asking for money and in this case you are entitled to information about how the money will be spent, but we would like to surprise you with certain content. We can tell you that there are notable recent and older alumni of Idyllwild Arts Academy (Idyllwild, California) and professionals all around the States and we would like to travel to interview and document their current lives. These places would include New York City, New Orleans, Ohio, Las Vegas, Boston, various areas of California, and Marshall’s hometown, Washington DC. Costs would also include another crew member to help us with our travels, shipping costs for our equipment, lodging fees, and food.

Budget Plan:

Total for traveling flight tickets: $5,000 (NY, Boston, Washington DC, Ohio, and New Orleans)

Total operating costs for locations reached by plane: $3,375

Total traveling cost for gas: 28 total $1,050, 7 in San Diego $50, 10 in LA $400, 6 in Idyllwild $240, TBA 5 $200, 1 in Rancho Cucamonga $40, 1 in Las Vegas $120

Total operating costs for locations reached by car: Total: $1,080 LA: $400, Idyllwild: $240, TBA $200, Rancho Cucamonga $40, Las Vegas $200

Equipment costs: $2,000

Insurance: $1,200Other (Festivals, Kickstarter, etc.): $2,000

Post-Production: $4,000

Total Hawkins Budget: $19,705 –> $20,000

Photo credit: Michael OlettaPhoto credit: Michael Oletta

This film will be partially biographical in regards to Marshall’s upbringing in Washington DC. A main part of this film will be Marshall’s founding of the jazz department and all of the people and occurrences that made Marshall’s presence at the Idyllwild Arts Academy possible. We want to focus on Marshall’s roots as a musician and teacher at Idyllwild. We feel it is important to document the students Marshall taught as the jazz department was just beginning to blossom more than two decades ago. We also believe it is important to get a current view of Marshall’s teaching methods by intimately documenting students’ progress through the upcoming year in his class. This will show what it is like to study under Marshall for a year. We want to get real footage of Marshall as a teacher in the present while also going into the history of the department.

Photo credit: Dennis ReiterPhoto credit: Dennis Reiter
Marshall Hawkins and Ashi Manoff performing in 2011Marshall Hawkins and Ashi Manoff performing in 2011

Ashi Manoff (Co-producer): “I was thinking as we began preparing for the fundraiser at Cafe Aroma in Idyllwild with Lori (Restaurant owner) a few weeks ago how much has changed in my life in such a short time. I graduated from IAA two years ago, but also three and a half years ago, Lori was giving me drug tests when I was a student at Idyllwild Arts. Looking at it now, it’s ironic that I’m pitching my first feature film when not too long ago, I was just another student getting in trouble at school. But that aspect of my life also correlates to the film itself. Getting expelled from Idyllwild Arts my junior year led to a lot of changes in my life. I had to change my habits in order to come back to school and graduate, which I went on to do successfully. It took more time for me to realize that I wanted to start making films professionally. It had been a struggle transitioning through high school to college, but at the end of the day, I was able to make it through. In just three years I have been able to develop into a person who can make a feature film. Marshall has been an important mentor for me and helped me develop as a musician and person. He was supportive when I came back to school and was always willing to meet and talk about music. His class lectures meant a lot not just to me, but to everyone in the department. I feel that his initial positive reaction to this project showed that I was a person he trusted to take on this film. I’m glad Marshall has given Devon and me the chance not only to tell his story, but also to develop and grow both personally and professionally. I’m sure this film will not only show development with Marshall, his students, and Devon and myself, but also can bring insight to how people of all ages and stages of life can continue to expand their horizons and keep contributing to the world. And of course, it will include some great Jazz music!”

Devon Gilpatrick and Ashi Manoff shooting MGP's first short film: "Worlds Apart" in summer 2012Devon Gilpatrick and Ashi Manoff shooting MGP’s first short film: “Worlds Apart” in summer 2012

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter


One of the risks we take with this project is making a documentary about a person who seemingly is not appreciated by the majority. Non-musicians may ask why a story about a music teacher makes a difference in their lives. You do not have to be a musician to learn from Marshall. His teachings are universal. Marshall doesn’t just teach people how to play an instrument, he helps them form their own instruments for living life. Music is one form of connecting people but the craft itself can teach everyone what it means to be a good person and live a life of fulfillment. Marshall shows that we can learn and develop every day no matter how we choose to live our lives. Marshall’s teachings are important because they connect people globally and strongly engage the pursuit of a meaningful life. We will overcome the obstacle of seeming indifference by showing how this film connects people worldwide through Marshall Hawkins and his lessons. -MGP

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