Alphonse Mouzon
Alphonse Mouzon 23 août 04:25
GREAT JOB EMMA! Everyone knows how proud I am of my beautiful and highly intelligent daughter Emma Alexandra Mouzon – so there’s no surprise that she was honored by her teacher today in her AP English Literature class for turning in an excellent structural analysis and interpretation of some scenes in the play, “OEDIPUS THE KING”. Her teacher made 35 copies of Emma’s paper and handed it out to all of his students and even had a student read Emma’s work aloud in front of the class, as an paradigm! Emma and I celebrated afterward at Starbucks! Emma is an amazing person! Everyone who knows her can testify to that! I’m a good writer – but Emma writes rings around me! I will have her edit my AUTOBIOGRAPHY when it’s completed. Emma still wants to become a Neurosurgeon – but she’s also a gifted writer and singer, and she can become a brilliant attorney or CPA if she wanted to because there’s nothing she can’t do! The apple didn’t fall far from the tree! I’ve been called many times “A Renaissance Man” – but my daughter Emma is truly A RENAISSANCE YOUNG LADY! All of my kids are amazing and gifted: Alphonse Philippe Mouzon and JP Mouzon! I have every right to be a PROUD DAD!!! “I want to scream and shout – and let it all out – on and on and on” 🙂

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