Anchorage Alaska
Still working hard and the hunt for a new permanent vocalist is well under way and we hope to have some definite news around the middle of September. The first auditions happen next week.Work is still continuing, but it’s on the third album, which is a little different. Still at the composing stage, not fully at arranging stage yet, but the bigger string and percussion arrangements are gone and the acoustic guitar is making it’s presence known. The bouzouki for the moment is staying a little quieter than usual, but it’s still there. Once we get something a little more concrete we will sneak a preview online.We passed a milestone a little while ago, but it was unfortunately overshadowed by the personnel changes; we passed 100,000 plays on Reverbnation!

Also, everyone in the band hopes Cal gets well soon. He’s in hospital right now, but hopefully he won’t need to be in too long.


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