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Celtic / World Fusion / Tribal Trip Hop, Celtic Folk, Jazz fusion


OK we haven’t sent a news update for months. I think it was still Xmas 2012 when last one was sent! Things have been happening, some not so good, and some VERY good.

Lets get the not so good stuff out of the way…


…we parted company with our last singer. No surprise to many of you, as you will have noticed we removed all photos, videos and songs with her on them.


Well that’s enough of that, now for the really good news…

…we have a brilliant new vocalist called Corina and she has already recorded the vocals for half of our first album (The Band Not The Place). This weekend we’ll get some more done, plus vocals for the Anchorage Alaska version of a classic Peter Gabriel track. Corina has just slotted into the band, as if she’s always been there. A pleasure to work with and it doesn’t take much to feed her. She just nibbles.

We will post some photos of the lovely Corina and the “ruggedly handsome” guys from the band at some point this weekend.


The first song that you will be able to hear with Corina on it will be our Peter Gabriel cover. It will. be ready within the next couple of weeks, once we figure out how Danny is gonna get the uillean pipes into this Peter Gabriel track! LOL


We have also been hard at work on our second album (The Zombie Sheep, the Sheepdog and the Wolfpack) and have just over half the tracks for it already well underway.


Apparently our albums are like buses. None for ages and then they all come at once! Started sketching ideas for a third album.


Thanks for everyones support and keep keep listening and have a great weekend from the Anchorage Alaska gang!


Danny, Cal, Graham, Paul and Corina




“Anchorage Alaska is arguably the finest all-around artist on ReverbNation. The music here cuts across all boundaries: genre; geography; listening demographic. I cannot heap enough superlatives on this wonderful group of musicians.”  Howard Lawrence, Reverbnation

“Playing A Lonely Hunter. Listen to this. The cool thing about Anchorage is their talent and distinct ability to mix lots a real cool stuff together and have it come out awesome on the other end. Great musicianship here. Great vox and Im loving what the bass player is saying”  Joe – NYC Guitarist,Reverbnation – comments

“…Anchorage Alaska are solid craftsmen, they never push their creativity over the top, with exhausting layers of meaningless music and stretched out instrumental solos. Everything is neatly and tightly packaged where you expect it to be, never too little, never too much…just the right amount to keep you coming back for more. Exactly like a Spielberg movie!”  Rick Jamm – editor of JamSphere,JamSphere


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