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Born in Milan, Anna has been performing and singing for as long as she
could remember. A natural performer that has gone from entertaining class
mates in preschool to some of London premier venues.
Michael Jackson is said to have sparked Anna’s interest to want to establish
her herself as an accomplished singer/songwriter. By the age of 14 Anna
was part of a local choir and theatre production team, where she learnt how
to dance and act and also perfect her singing style.
The second chapter in Anna’s musical journey began when she moved to
London at the age of 18. Anna developed her singing and songwriting skills
in London by collaborating with music producers and other artists. Anna’s
passion for music lead her to a sound engineering and music production
degree at SAE Insitute London, which she completed in 2016.
Anna is currently doing her masters in commercial songwriting in Tileyard
Education, part of Tileyard Studios in King’s Cross, London.
With a diverse range of influences that include Micheal Jackson, Amy
Winehouse, Alicia Keys and Adele, Anna’s open mindedness approach to
music is what separates her from other up and coming artists.

























































































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