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Here is the full (March 2018) un-mastered version of my original composition “Clean Your Room (again)”. I am joined by German guitarist Ed DeGenaro, Dutch guitarist Joop Wolters, Polish keyboard player Bura Tomasz, and Italian guitarist Alex Masi. I love the international over the top talent! Thanks guys for making this simply wonderful… love and blessings. I am also playing bass, rhythm guitar (along with Ed), keys (along with Tomasz), horns, orchestral instruments and percussion. Enjoy!
#PearlDrumsEurope #Sabian #VicFirth #TofyDrums

My next African influenced piece, as the summer allergies have their way… “Ah Chu”, this week’s two bars of 9/16 work in progress.

#PearlDrumsEurope #Sabian #VicFirth #TofyDrums 

Atma Anur has recorded drums for over 150 CDs/EPs between 1985 and the present”.” and also “147” CDs/EPs.


Atma has recorded drums for 147 CDs/EPs between 1985 and the present. and has worked with a wide range of well known artists on many international major and independent record labels including Shrapnel, Alternative Tentacles, JVC, Geffen and Polygram to name a few…
Atma has also toured the US, Asia and Europe extensively playing many styles of music, with many varied bands and artists.

Specialties: Atma specializes in recording in many varied genres. Focusing on appropriate, exciting, and groovy drum tracks, especially in the progressive and fusion music styles.

Atma offers private one-on-one drum lessons via Skype! More details on the Atma Anur web site @














































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