Ben Laskov

Ben Laskov

Ben Laskov, has studied art spanning thought rural Iowa, Italy, Chicago and currently Rockford, IL Although, interested in most art forms, painting is his main discipline. With a history of working in oil, he now concentrates on the use of fluid acrylic paints using an Airbrush. This allows for a similar ‘layering’ effect found with Oils. The quick drying times and color changes are conducive to his painting style, and to rich colors and dramatic gradations. Many currant paintings are inspired by music and the master musicians that create it.

My main subjects matters have been: Portraits, faces of cultural heroes, masters of jazz, famous writers, artist and musicians of all kinds. The goal of each piece always is to capture the expression and emotion of the subject, many times capturing the musician in the moment. Live Painting. I spent a lot of time painting in Chicago. I love the instant feedback of viewers and sharing the process of creating.

Palmer Square Studios, é o estúdio de artes plásticas do artista plástico Ben Laskov, localizado em Rockford, IL (perto de Chicago).










































































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