Benjamin Moore Jr. (1941-2022) RIP

Benjamin Moore Jr

Benjamin Moore Jr. (1941-2022)
The Blind Boys of Alabama are heartbroken to report that our beloved brother and co-singer Ben Moore has passed away. Singer Ricky McKinnie adds: “The Blind Boys family is deeply saddened by Ben’s passing. He was an integral part of our group, not just as a talented singer but as a kind and dependable friend. Although he will be sorely missed, we are grateful for the years of memories.” We offer our deepest condolences to Shirley Adams Moore and family. The entire Blind Boys family, including Jimmy Carter, Paul Beasley, Rev. Julius Love, and Joey Williams are in mourning. As Ben would have it, the Blind Boys of Alabama will continue in our mission of sharing our music and performances with people around the world.
Photo by Michael Weintrob

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