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So I’m sitting here on another sunny LA day, watching the wind and water washing away New York and New Jersey, feeling like I’ve abandoned the team. It’s been a very hard thing to see. Worst of all, I can’t believe the Seaside Heights boardwalk is gone. When we went down the shore, we went to Seaside. They had a booth where you could win vinyl records – that was my favorite. That and the zeppoles at 3 Brothers Pizza. They’ll build a new one, but it won’t be the same. Who knows, maybe it already wasn’t the same. I know there are a lot of you from the east coast on this list, and I’m hoping you’re coming through this alright and would love to hear from you – let me know that you’re ok!


And as long as LaGuardia is open by the 12th, nothing will stop me from coming to play for you with my all New York band at Iridium in NYC on Nov 13, and the Falcon Arts Center in Marlboro on Nov 15. I hope you can come!


In the meantime – as in starting tomorrow – there will be shows in San Francisco, Sutter Creek, Santa Cruz, Marin, and a free election-night two-piano double-bill with Australian Pugsley Buzzard at LAX Jazz Club in Los Angeles – it’s their Fat Tuesday series and I’m gonna break out a bunch of the NOLA classics in my set. Cast your vote and then come on down!


Then it’s the Arizona Boogie Woogie Blowout Tour with Lisa Otey, Dona Oxford & Pugsley Buzzard with shows in Phoenix, Green Valley, Bisbee, and the Fox Theatre in Tucson! Get tickets and see details for all of this stuff HERE.

Oh, and I almost forgot – Happy Halloween! Here’s a song for the season:

“So What If It’s Halloween” at the Blue Mountains Music Fest in AU


See you out there!
Love, Bob

The Union Room San Francisco, CA Thu Nov 01 12 08:00 PM Tickets
Sutter Creek Theatre Sutter Creek, CA Fri Nov 02 12 08:00 PM Tickets
Santa Cruz House Concerts Santa Cruz, CA Sat Nov 03 12 07:00 PM
Rancho Nicasio Nicasio, CA Sun Nov 04 12 08:00 PM Tickets
LAX Jazz Club Los Angeles, CA Tue Nov 06 12 07:00 PM Tickets
Rhythm Room (Official) Phoenix, AZ Wed Nov 07 12 07:00 PM Tickets
Private Party Tucson, AZ Thu Nov 08 12 08:00 PM
Community Performing Arts Center Green Valley, AZ Fri Nov 09 12 08:00 PM Tickets
Bisbee Royale Bisbee, AZ Sat Nov 10 12 08:00 PM Tickets
Fox Theater Tucson, AZ Sun Nov 11 12 08:00 PM Tickets
Iridium New York, NY Tue Nov 13 12 08:00 PM Tickets
Falcon Arts Center Marlboro, NY Thu Nov 15 12 08:00 PM Tickets
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