Calep Emphrey nous a quittés RIP

Calep Emphrey

Released in 2000, Makin’ Love Is Good for You is the thirty-eighth B. B. King studio album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. “I Got to Leave This Woman” (Melvin Jackson)
  2. Since I Fell for You” (Buddy Johnson)
  3. “I Know” (Barbara George)
  4. “Peace of Mind” (Riley King, Joe Josea)
  5. “Monday Woman” (Willie Mabon)
  6. “Ain’t Nobody Like My Baby” (Riley King)
  7. “Makin’ Love Is Good for You” (Tony Joe White)
  8. “Don’t Go No Farther” (Willie Dixon)
  9. “Actions Speak Louder than Words” (Riley King)
  10. “What You Bet” (Robert Taylor, George Williams)
  11. “You’re on Top” (Riley King)
  12. “Too Good to You Baby” (Riley King, Sam Ling)
  13. “I’m in the Wrong Business” (Riley King)
  14. “She’s My Baby” (A.C. Reed)
  15. “It’s Still Called the Blues” (Riley King)


  • B. B. King – lead guitar
  • James Bolden – Band leader/trumpet
  • Walter R. King – Contractor/saxophone
  • Calep Emphrey Jr. – drums
  • Melvin Jackson – saxophone
  • Leon Warren – guitar
  • Michael Doster – bass
  • James Toney – keyboards
  • Stanley Abernathy – trumpet

Additional overdubs by:

  • Joe Sublett – tenor saxophone
  • Darrell Leonard – trumpet
  • Tommy Eyre – keyboards
  • Tony Braunagel – percussion
  • John Porter – guitar




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