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Mario Canali

The Consul General of Italy, Los Angeles, Nicola Faganello, the National Italian American Foundation, NIAF and the Instituto Italiano di Cultura Los Angeles
welcomed Mario Canali with open arms at a reception held in Downtown LA. 100% of the evening’s proceeds were donated to the Exceptional Children’s Foundation.Mario Canali’s artistry utilizes
“innovative scientific paradigms as a basis for the artistic imagination.”
This is demonstrated in the sketching entitled Avatars Talk About Life.
This piece demonstrates Mr. Canali’s clear vision, using his “third eye” if you will, combining art, science and philosophy.Mario Canali is one of the rare jewels in this world that made me turn me stop in my tracts. This man fascinates me because he really and truly transcends the space and time continuum. Thanks to Vicki Godal, I got a chance to chat with Mario Canali at the Downtown Art Center Gallery .
I truly enjoyed discussing his artistry, the effects that 911 had on him personally, and the people that inspired him; one being Leonardo da Vinci .
As for me, I was inthralled by his sincerity and passion for what he creates.
I was also captivated by his since of concern for what is going on globally and his views of the many scientific advances used in conjunction with technology.

Now through March 4, 2010. Have no regrets. Go and view history in the making.

See you around town.

Visit the Downtown Art Center Gallery
828 S. Main St. L.A., CA 90014
(310) 773-9422

Vicki – 310-254-4094 – twitter

studiocanali Los Angeles 213.309.0293 Milano, Italy 0039.02.890.52.930


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