ALERT: Please be aware that there is a group being promoted in the US & Europe using a similar name, logo, wording, and past CdB personnel that is NOT the original CELEBRATING DAVID BOWIE that has performed around the world since early 2016. Currently there are NO CdB shows announced in 2019 but this is going to change very soon so please take note.

Looks can be deceiving. Google searches can be misleading. We continue to find our name listed & tagged for shows we are not playing or affiliated with. To be certain you are getting the show you want, look for our exact name, CELEBRATING DAVID BOWIE, on the venue website or better yet, visit our website: CelebratingDavidBowie.com.

We do NOT operate under ANY variation whatsoever of our exact name – CELEBRATING DAVID BOWIE. Just remember we use the exact word “CELEBRATING” for our shows because it’s an action word and we have an action show. Nouns just sit there. We’re a verb band.

We are incredibly fortunate to have many very well known artists and musicians on our shows such as Todd Rundgren, Sting, Gary Oldman, and Seal plus many former Bowie bandmates such as Adrian Belew who only performs with CELEBRATING DAVID BOWIE. Ultimately though, we all know that our show is NOT about who is performing. It is only about and for David and his music.

Stay tuned. Excited news brewing for 2019!


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