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We’ve had an overwhelming response to this video series!:
Richard: Already purchased [the album], and it is sooo good!Evrim in Turkey: It’s a great feeling to sense Chick’s touches on every note of the song …
So without delay, here’s the next short excerpt in the series:
Chick’s long history with Latin and flamenco music is a huge part of his musical DNA — and he credits Paco de Lucia with sparking it.
In this clip from his new album, Chick recounts the curious effect of playing a duet with Paco — you’ve got to hear this description (be sure to catch how he named “The Yellow Nimbus” at 0:49):
Chick & Paco de Lucia video (please enable images)
Hear the full performance — plus a whole lot more of Chick’s stories — on the 2-CD set Solo Piano: Portraits, available as part of the Artistry of Chick Bundle. Find it exclusively at Chick Corea Shop; it’s not available anywhere else on the internet, not even on Amazon!
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PS – Tomorrow’s short video: Chick reveals the origin of his “Children’s Songs,” and their surprising connection to RTF!  (Part 5 of 6)

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