From age 5 , I’ve been a student of the music world. My father taught me to play the drums early on. Eventually, I picked up the guitar and I am completely self-taught. I figured that it was my destiny since I was spefically named after famous actor/musician “Desi Arnaz”. Yes, the nickname “D Arnaz Jr.” stuck with me for many years as a child. As a seasoned musician I was blessed with the opportunity to write, record, and release a full length LP titled “DeadSleep – Falling To Pieces” released by Potomac Records. A slew of recordings from “DeadSleep” quickly followed successfully. Currently, I’ve broadened my horizons by dabbling into other genres. Edm, film score, world, rock, hard rock, and metal to name a few. There is NO genre that I won’t work on. Quality is key, and I don’t rest until it’s achieved. Keep me in mind for any and all projects you’re working on as I can be a great asset to your team.



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