DIANA REIN Music Awards Winner for Best Blues!!!



2016 Temecula Valley Music Awards Winner for Best Blues!!!

I have to give a huge thank you to Tim Moyer who mostly singlehandedly organized such an amazing evening for the highly talented musicians in this area to come together and help music flourish. All earnings are going to support music education.
A few months back we did a showcase for this awards show and I want to thank Kenny Williams, Ray Weston and Baba Elefante for being there to play a great set and for their support.
I also would like to thank my publicist Doug W. Deutsch for all of his hard work and care to get my message out there to the World!
Thank you to my family and my husband’s family for your love, interest and excitement for my music.
And to my husband Steve Polacek, my in house designer (I am so lucky) ❤️ …..words can’t express how your love and undying encouragement for my career makes me feel. You have the uncanny ability to believe in people so much that they start believing in themselves. That’s your gift and I love seeing it in action not just with me but with those you touch around you. I love you and our little boy so much.
It is such a blessing to make music and I never take it for granted. This event was a major celebration!!!!



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