Ernest Deriabin infos I USE (Full Version)


Introduce yourself to members of the group.
My name is Ernest and I’m a singer, songwriter, arranger, actor and 3rd semester Berklee College of Music student majoring in Music Business. The reason I’m majoring in Music Business is, of course, because I love it, but also because I don’t wanna be fooled by some companies. I want to be able to understand contracts fully, run a publishing company or P&R agency etc. So this major gives me lots of opportunities in the future.
Hopefully, my second major will be Music Production & Engineering.
Some links to myself:
1. I Need to Pray, music & arrangement by me:
2. I Use – music & lyrics, arrangement, also a director and screenwriter of my first professional music video:
We made the feeling of 80’s soviet times, with its dystopian society and spoiled relationships.
3. I’m also a winner of International Songwriting Competition 2012.
Open to everybody and looking for new connections!

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