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Aristide ATONKOUMOU (Booking & Management) +237 696 96 2365 +237 670 83 0960
Benoit Yannick ANYOUZOA (Medias) +237 696 05 3886
Carole AMBASSA (Medias) +237 699 15 17 51
France +33 6 95 67 28 15
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François)ESSINDI is an artist and a!musician from!Cameroon. He plays traditional wind,skin8stretched, stringed and body8activated
instruments such as : Stringe:,Mvet,)Ngomo (traditional harps) Wind
: Pygmy flute, leaves, mouth –activated bow Drums:!Nkul ( calling drum),)Ngom)(long drum),)Djembe, Cajon, … Body percussion : snail8shell and hazelnut, body drumming Educatedat the National)Orchestra)of)Cameroon and!thanks to many trainings and cultural  meetings, François is also an actor and followed many educational sessions via the Goethe)Institut in  Yaoundé and the French)Culture)Centre in Yaoundé. A professional actor, François played with several theatre companies in Cameroon.  Among others he  shared a
long adventure along with the Eyala)Pena company, a!road theatre company.
He also  shared a project together with
the Un8Excursus theatre company, from Montrouge, France.
François ESSINDI is a current member of the ALEPH)theatre company in Ivry8sur8Seine, France. François)as)a))musician): François music8 wise works withdifferent artists from various backgrounds, works with dance and theatre companies as an actor or music composer.of African tales, published by L’HARMATTAN, François works on collecting!
tales, rituals, songs and stories of his native eking culture in southern  Cameroon. He considers building there a cultural place thanks to the support of the AKIBA association, François)as)an)instrument)maker):) Concerned about the survival of instruments from his native Ekang culture, François handcrafts in  Paris their instruments (Mvet, Ngomo, Mouth8bow).. He repairs as well skin8stretched instruments ( changing skins, maintenance of!all!these instruments!such as Djembé and others).

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