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Major Feature on Beloved Trumpet-Flugelhorn Master Clark Terry, the Most Recent Highlight of Veteran Music Journalist Chip Stern’s New Blog, RADIO FREE CHIP
www.radiofreechip.comRADIO FREE CHIP Showcases Clark Terry in A Fascinating Extended Interview: Hoping To Help Generate Donations for this Master Musician’s Ongoing Medical Care

Deems Taylor Award Winning music journalist Chip Stern has been a fixture on the NYC music scene since his writings began appearing in the Village Voice and Musician Player & Listener back in 1977.Having at one time or another freelanced or manned editorial positions for most of the major music outlets in print media, over the years he has also worked in music distribution, retail music and audio outlets, promoted concerts and even produced drummer Ginger Baker’s first jazz recording as a leader, the critically acclaimed Going Back Home (Atlantic), featuring bassist Charlie Haden and guitarist Bill Frisell.

“With RADIO FREE CHIP: Sound Signatures I’ve come full circle,” Stern explains.

“I began writing about jazz and progressive sounds when I first arrived in New York City, with a wife and freshly minted baby girl, as a way of keeping me close to the music, even as it became obvious, that despite my passion for several instruments and my love of collective improvisation, that life was leading me down another path.

“The writing thing kind of snowballed and in short order took on a life of its own.  Over the years I’ve often heard people characterize music critics as ‘frustrated musicians.’

“Well, I’m an okay musician—I’ve had some peak experiences over the years, and have gotten to play with some wonderful musicians, which has been very gratifying…I’ve never stopped pursuing the jazz experience.

“So, no, I’m not a frustrated musician—what I am, is a frustrated DJ.  Having had experience on both College Radio and National Public Radio stations, I’ve never lost my passion for sharing music with people.

“Given my love for writing and for spinning platters, as an old school feature writer, coming to terms with the Internet format, my initial postings have taken on the character of a Frozen Podcastcombining aspects of a radio show and a magazine; breaking up copy with embedded music videos and visual images.  Bret Primack, THE JAZZ VIDEO GUY, set up the template for me, and he optimized it to really look great on tablets and phablets, as well as on notebook and desktop computers.

“I could envision it evolving into a full blown podcast as I am able to devote more time to it, but presently, in look and feel, it’s an audio magazine—very much a reflection of Chip Stern in terms of style and content.  I hope people will dig it, and, over time, join in the conversation.


“Speaking of personal, when it came to my attention that Mister Clark Terry had undergone a double-amputation, and required home care and medical attention on the order of $6000.00 a month, I wondered how RADIO FREE CHIP might help, and was motivated to unearth a memorable phone interview from my archives.

“Speaking with Mister Terry was one of my most inspiring encounters as a music lover and a scribe, and I think readers will find the give and take between us as engaging as I did at the time.  The man’s warmth and mother wisdom, his generosity of spirit and wonderful sense of humor really shines through.”

Clark Terry
4720 South Beech Street
Pine Bluff, AR 71603

“There are hyper-links to Clark Terry’s web site in the prologue to our RADIO FREE CHIP feature.  Admirers can also write to Clark and Gwen Terry at their home address, and post checks and money orders with which to aid in Clark Terry’s ongoing home care.

“Because despite all of the health set-backs, and being bed-ridden a good share of the time, Clark Terry’s spirit remains indomitable, as he continues to mentor and nurture all those who come in contact with him, and to pursue creative projects as best he’s able.

“Clark Terry is a national treasure.  His likeness should be up on Mount Rushmore.  In lieu of that honor, I would encourage people to check out mySound Signature of Clark Terry on the RADIO FREE CHIP blog, and to reach out and show Clark some love, financial and otherwise.  It will surely lift his spirits—much as he continues to lift ours.

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