Jennifer Siân Happy Birthday Infos

Hey guys!

This is Jenefer’s manager and engineer, Matt, writing to you all to let you know today is Jenefer’s birthday! If you would like to get her a birthday present you can do that for free just by helping to spread the word about her new mixtape.

Share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, tell them they can download new music completely FREE.

Be sure to tweet @JeneferSian or tag her in your Facebook post and we’ll contact you and send you a set of wristbands and buttons!

(First make sure you ‘Like’ In your update type “@” and then start typing “Jenefer Sian” to tag her on Facebook)


Download Jenefer Siân’s mixtape I Wish A B!T@H Would!

Click HERE to download it completely FREE.

Or, stream it on Spotify!

Contains songs produced by G2 (Co-producer of Flo-Rida’s “Wild Ones”) and “Show Me” written by Michaela “Mickey” Shiloh (Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, JLo).

© Jenefer Siân

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