Jerry Jeepthefox Pelikan

Jerry Jeepthefox Pelikan

The Montagne d’Or mine is one of the largest open cast gold mine projects in the French Guiana and in the world. There is a strong dispute on this project, with President Macron in favour of it.
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Pôv’ zabeilles … 🐝🐝🐝


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Fundación Santuario Gaia

Ces images ouvriront les yeux de tous ceux qui disent qu’il n’y a pas de mal à manger du miel.

In just five days, two Chinese nationals have been arrested in separate incidents in Mexico City for possession and attempted smuggling.
This year, the choice between dirty fossil fuels and clean, renewable power has never been clearer. But the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is happening much too slowly, and the only thing that will hasten the transition is if…

Hawaii is introducing legislation that could see the nation’s first statewide ban on Styrofoam takeout containers.

“There are places where you are ankle-deep, or calf-deep, in animals. It’s really hard to quantify the numbers, to be honest,” said one conservationist.
What does the next generation think of today’s issues? The Big Smoke’s Next Gen program publishes Australian students mentored by TBS writers. Today, Bailey…

If you’re planning on going snorkeling, consider using a good old fashion mask please!! This is a recurring issue.

Relatives to late snorkelers in Hawaii believe snorkel masks may be to blame for a slew of recent deaths.
A new study has revealed that whales, sharks and other marine species such as rays are increasingly at risk from microplastics in the oceans.
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<p>Inundation and erosion could make many atoll islands uninhabitable over the next century. Here the authors present an analysis of change in the atoll nation of Tuvalu that shows a 2.9% increase in land area over the past four decades, with 74% of islands increasing in size, despite rising sea lev…
Jerry Pelikan vous invite à l’évènement de Earthforce Fight Squad Pacifist Warriors Global
Stop à l’invasion! Je relève le défi ”Zéro” avec Earthforce FS
samedi 23 décembre à 1:00 UTC-05 – mar jan 2, 2018 à 0:00 UTC-05
Earthforce Fight Squad Pacifist Warriors Global à Freeport (Bahamas)

Sea Shepherd announced the Help in the Dutch side of Sin Marteen !!!

L’image contient peut-être : ciel, océan, crépuscule, texte, plein air et eau
L’image contient peut-être : texte

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Sea Shepherd’s vessel The M/V John Paul Dejoria is setting out on Operation: Sint Maarten to

bring disaster relief aid to the victims of Hurricane Irma. We need your help to raise $30,000 for fuel in order to reach the island of Sint Maarten and assist all those that are in need. A large portion of the island was destroyed by the storm, and every second counts to bring food, water, and supplies to the survivors. Please help us support those that need it most.

The Whale Wars Continue

Commentary by Sea Shepherd’s Founder, Captain Paul Watson, on why recent changes in Japan’s illegal whaling tactics mean we have to change our strategy for future campaigns.

“Sea Shepherd’s continuing efforts to go after and shut down whalers will continue, and not only against Japanese whaling, but also against Norwegian, Danish, and Icelandic whaling. This is what we have been doing for forty years. We will never quit until the abomination of whaling is abolished forever by anyone, anywhere, for any reason.”

Learn more about Sea Shepherd Global’s many campaigns to defend, conserve and protect our oceans:

Conservation groups are calling for national and international protections for Shortfin Mako sharks, based on a new scientific assessment that finds the North Atlantic population has been depleted and is continuing to be seriously overfished.

The Shark Trust is the UK registered charity working to advance the worldwide conservation of sharks through science, education, influence and action.
Posted August 3, 2017 The Ghost Fleet of Suisun Bay—the decaying military ships that poisoned the San Francisco Bay ecosystem for 40 years—is finally gone.…

Le prochain Apéroboulot aura lieu à Paris le 20 février à 20h au Café Caumartin ,13 Rue Caumartin Paris 9 . Une rencontre conviviale pour évoquer la création évenetuelle d’un groupe de Warriors d’Earthforce Fight Squad dans la région Parisienne. Parlez-en autour de vous et venez avec vos amis intéressés par les sujets sur la protection de la biodiversité, cause animale et la gestion de la pollution par déchets.
Merci (^^^)

Lisa, Mina, Tiki, Jano, Romeo, Claude, Patricia, Norbert, Overbass (si à Paris), Pierre Robert, Maïlou, Marc, Sandra, Valérie, Isaziki, Leina,Cirik,Elina, Dori, Jie, Jean Paul, Marie-Claire, ….et tous ceux qu’ont envie de papoter autour d’un petit verre avec nous tout en faisant connaissance 😉

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Pour ceux de la “team” qui sont dispo ce samedi matin, allez aider nos amis de Sète, ils nous ont bien donné un grand coup de main au Grand Travers en septembre dernier. Eux aussi ont besoin de bras et de volontaires !!! Contactez Catherine Chauzit. Merci les Warriors (y)

earthforce urgent à partager avec nous bonne journée

pacific warrior

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***Hello my friends. All those who wish to join our environmental NGO concerning the preservation of the biodiversity Earthforce FS, let it know. I would give them the way to follow. There is any contribution, is for free !!! *** ***Bonjour à tous. Que tous ceux qui désirent rejoindre notre ONG environnementale de protection de la biodiversité Earthforce FS le fassent savoir. Je leur donnerais la démarche à suivre. Il n’y a pas de cotisation, c’est gratuit *** 😉
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