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To my friends and followers, I bring forth to you an artist who is unique in his melodic heart. Someone who can sing any genre and slay it. No lie. I’m talking about vocalist, Jesse Campbell. He is currently in the studio, four songs down and ready to complete this project by years end. As someone with a noted career, his signature sound was a fan fave on NBC’s The Voice performing to millions. With an avid and loyal fan-base, many are anticipating his debut CD to be a huge success. His new single “Can’t Live Without Your Love” was premiered on AOL last week and Entertainment Editor Jennifer Kline was quoted saying “He stole our hearts on ‘The Voice’, and he’s not giving them back anytime soon”. I second that! Please join in and help him record, reach & inspire the world via Heart-felt, Universal songs of soul. If now is not a good time, please give your support by sharing this post with your friends that would enjoy his music. We all must be passionate for each others journey in some way. Every little bit can turn into a bundle that can be given back through his Universal heart-felt songs of soul. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration! Peace and blessings ~ Jaijai Jackson

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New Single “Can’t Live Without Your Love” Video

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