Jessica Gabrielle

Jessica Gabrielle

Thanks to L’Œil du spectacle for the fun interview!! For all you non Frenchies let me translate:

1. Believe in your music and in life!
2. If only we do what we love, we will be happy
3. Never will i ever stop singing even when im an old wrinkly woman.

And then i talk about my music

What a great night @ Candy Shop Paris last night ! Thanks to everyone who came out to support us – We felt the energy 🔥

Thanks to the super awesome and talented musicians that killed it! Pierre Van De Walle, Leo Aniaba, Mathias Di Giusto and Guillaume Dujon.

As for the album, it is now OFFICIALLY available on all digital platforms 🎶

A huge thanks to Colligence Records for this crazy ride and Charles Cbl for jumping in it with me!

And of course friends, family and fans for believing in me 😍 This would never exist without you…



(Picture @Berrebictures)

L’image contient peut-être : une personne ou plus et personnes assises

jessica gabrielle2

Lana Del Rey – Love (Cover by Jessica Gabrielle)



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