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Hello Jean Paul, How are you???,Sorry for the late response. I hope all is well with you,I respectfully need your help.–I need a GREAT AGENT ,or Representation by someone like you that has a direct connection to all of the major artist,and this person who would be representing me has the ability to create a position for me, or add me ,as a Tenor Sax Player to the Band ,or Horn Section of artist like, The Stones, Springsteen ,Paul McCartney ,Ringo, Wil -I Am ,Rod Stewart, Julian Lennon Justin Timberlake ,Katy Perry ,Lady Gaga ,Jennifer Lopez ,Shakira ,One Direction,Celine,Etc.,artist of this caliber that can add me to a stationery Project,Tour, or a Tv Showband like Steven Colbert ,as the Tenor Sax Player for his band under a long term contract,These are a few examples of what I would like,I play all types of music and read,can you call me to talk???,and do you have any artist like these artist that you can place me with???–Please call me to talk if you can–(301)523-0359–Please leave me your name number ,and a voicemail message on my phone ,if I am on a call when you call. — Thank you,Have a GREAT day !!!


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