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Check out the Janks Morton film, “Hoodwinked,” starring Drs. Boyce Watkins, Marc Lamont Hill, Jawanza Kunjufu, Ivory Toldson and Steve Perry.  To see the trailer for this riveting film, click here

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Doctors Baffled After Teen Swallows Entire Toothbrush Without a Trace of It in Her Body

A British teenager baffled doctors by swallowing an entire toothbrush whole.  The 19-year old girl said that she felt the toothbrush going down her throat and couldn’t do…

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Four Ways To Get Fired, Quickly

  It’s a lot harder to keep your job now than it was years ago. The days of a company keeping employees solely because they are making the…

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Does NeNe Leakes Deserve to be Among Ebony Magazine’s Power 100?

The upcoming issue of Ebony Magazine for the month of December features NeNe Leakes on…

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Erika Morant: How to Get Married on a Budget

by Erika Morant As weddings can be one of the most exciting times in couple’s…

The HR Lady: How To Apply For A Job Online

Applying for jobs online can be a bit confusing and stressful. The days of walking into an establishment, asking for a paper application, and talking directly with the…

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Pastor of LA’s Oldest Black Church Is Sent to Different Church After S*x Scandal

Pastor of LA’s Oldest Black Church Is Sent to Different Church After S*x Scandal

It seems that the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles has decided to use the Roman Catholic Church’s strategy in dealing with s*exual harassment and s*xual molestation allegations. The church. which is the  oldest black church in Los Angeles, has moved Pastor John J. Hunter to a different church after he was sued […]

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Bishop Says that Blacks are Enslaved by the Democratic Partyby Dr. Boyce Watkins In a very interesting and compelling video distributed on the Internet, Bishop EW Jackson made a claim that African Americans are being held hostage and even enslaved by the Democratic Party.  Standing in front of a collection of images of historic African American figures, the Bishop makes the argument that black […]

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Android Delivers Its Best Alternative Yet to the Ipad

Trying to figure out if there is anything out there other than Apple for you to purchase?  Google is saying, “Yes there is.”  The Nexus 10, according to

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Defining A Sense of Shared Purpose For Dating

dreamstime_12751452Purpose for living involves discovering personal meaning for your life in order to define and accomplish life goals for yourself. Daily you may find yourself working toward your dreams to fulfill your sense of purpose for living. You have earnestly set your goals. You continually explore opportunities for personal growth and development. You know who […]

Gas Now Being Rationed in Some Parts of New Jersey

If you live in New Jersey and think that you can easily fill up your…

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R&B Singer Keri Hilson Vomits, Faints Onboard Flight

R&B singer didn’t wait for major media outlets to report her illness… She took her…

Ryan Mack:  An Election with No Substance, Empty Promises

Ryan Mack: An Election with No Substance, Empty Promises

by Ryan Mack Usually when candidates run for political office, any office, they run because they believe they can make a positive change. Romney stated he wants to…

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Hurricane Swept Two Boys from their Mother’s Arms, Bodies Found TodayPolice have been searching for the bodies of two boys who went missing shortly after Hurricane Sandy washed the boys out to sea.  The incident took place on Staten Island, and the boys were swept from their mother’s arms as the storm surge grew higher and higher. Glenda Moore was heart-broken to find her two […]

Meek Mill Detained and Forced to Miss Album Release Party

When you’ve got a hot new album on the way, the thing you want is for everything to go right.  So, when the police get involved and keep…

Gun Sales Spike in Fear of President Obama Getting Reelected

Gun Sales Spike in Fear of President Obama Getting ReelectedYou would think people would learn. Gun sales spiked in the run up to the 2008 election because many local yokels felt that President Obama would take away their guns. He didn’t. But faced with the prospect of Obama getting reelected, or if defeated, passing anti-gun legislation during a lame duck session, second amendment fanatics […]

Statue of Liberty Closed Until Further NoticeThe devastation of hurricane Sandy has been nothing short of mind-boggling.  The entire city of New York has been brought to a standstill and residents are working night and day to recover their lives.  The Statue of Liberty was hit hard during the storm, ruining $30 million dollars worth of work that had been done […]

Abandoned Baby Survives Cold Temperatures on Doorstep

Abandoned Baby Survives Cold Temperatures on Doorstep

Police in Corsicana, Texas are saying that it’s a miracle that a little baby was able to survive after being abandoned on someone’s doorstep.  The baby was


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