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Kim Plainfield

kim plainfield

Kim Plainfield, drummer, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, has been based in New York since 1977.  He has accumulated numerous performance and recording credits during his professional career, which he started in earnest at the age of 19 when he began playing with Mingo Lewis and subsequently secured the drum chair with the Pointer Sisters.

Some three years later, at the age of 22, Kim moved to New York City where Kenwood Dennard introduced him to the Drummers Collective.  This is where Kim’s pedagogical career took hold.  He then started playing with Bill Connors, the world-renowned guitarist from Chick Corea’s original Electric Band, and Didier Lockwood, the unparalleled French jazz violinist. Recordings, where Kim participated, that deserve mention are “Double Up” and “Assembler” by Bill Connors and “Live At The Olympia” by Didier Lockwood.  All three recording are considered icons of contemporary fusion music. Worldwide, Kim is one of the first addresses when looking for modern drumming.  His unbelievable technical abilities and versatile musicality bring audiences to enthusiastic amazement. He is a drummer of true and deep and organic musicality.

Kim began to receive international recognition during his seven-year engagement with Tania Maria.  During that period, he toured extensively in the US, Europe, Central America, South America, The Caribbean and the Far East.  Additional performance and recording credits include Jon Lucien, Andy Narell, John Pattitucci, Kenny Rankin, Jacques Higelin, Charles Fambrough, Edgar Winter and Mose Allison.

Kim embarked on a solo career in 1993 and has since been touring Europe as a leader, at least twice a year, to ever increasing audiences and superb press reviews. His groups have included world class musicians such as Lincoln Goines, Bill O’Connell, Didier Lockwood, Mark Soskin and Tom Kennedy.


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