Granting freedom to a Native American Indian–a Lakota/Ojibwa–after he has done forty (40) years hard time in federal prison for crimes he did not commit will at last show the world community there is compassion and humaneness in the…


Developing Story Published January 8, 2016 COLEMAN, FLORIDA— Leonard Peltier, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, has been diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurism. Peltier is in need of s…


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NLG Urges Pres. Obama to Free Leonard Peltier | National Lawyers Guild


Leonard has been in lockdown since last Friday. This not only affects his freedom of movement such as it is, but is a threat to his health — in light of his being a diabetic, in particular. Often his diet during such times will consist of a sandwich being passed to him twice a day. Administration of prescribed medications often falls by the wayside, as well.

Please drop Leonard a note, won’t you? Let him know you’re not only remembering him, but that you’re active in his freedom campaign. Leonard’s address: Leonard Peltier #89637-132, USP Coleman I, P.O. Box 1033, Coleman, FL 33521.

Then contact the prison to voice your concerns:http://www.bop.gov/inmates/concerns.jsp. Select “Coleman I USP” and reference “Leonard Peltier #89637-132”.

Statement by Leonard Peltier, International Tribunal of Conscience, NYC, 26 Sep 2015

Greetings my friends and relatives,

As I look past my prison cell door, I contemplate the many doors and walls that are between myself and freedom. Despite having been twice recommended for transfer to a medium security facility since coming to USP Coleman I, I am currently warehoused in a maximum security facility in Florida. These maximum security prisons are each surrounded by a high wall. For us inside there is no horizon.

As I think about these physical obstacles to my own freedom, I wonder how many walls are between YOU and freedom. How many of these walls are invisible—like the imaginary borders created by colonizers, power brokers, and governments—that are nothing more than obstacles to the free migration of Indigenous Peoples?

I’m greatly honored to be an absentee participant in this International Tribunal of Conscience. I notice that the 43 disappeared students from the Rural Teacher´s College in Guerrero have long since faded from the news cycle. It is imperative that these young people, who were mostly from Mexico´s poorest Indigenous communities, are never forgotten. Perhaps the students involuntarily serve as a reminder that our collective struggles are far from over. Death squads are still prevalent, and it is always the poor and most vulnerable people who endure the most suffering and injustice. These death squads are the same around the world as they all serve the same master—greed—that spurs humans to torture, terrorize, and kill others, forgetting that we are truly all related.

One aspect of my case that is not widely known is that in the 1970’s there were these same death squads on the Indian reservations. Corrupt tribal police, were armed and propped up by federal forces. Prior to the firefight on the Pine Ridge Reservation on June 26, 1975,—an incident for which I have now served nearly 40 years in prison—some 60 people who were connected with the resurgence of our traditional spiritual practices and renewed struggle for sovereignty were murdered or disappeared. During the preceding 5-month period, more incidents of violence were reported on the reservation than in the rest of South Dakota combined. In the subsequent search for my codefendants and myself, the people of Pine Ridge were terrorized by these paramilitary groups led primarily by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Innocent people were intimidated, threatened, and brutalized. To date, none of these acts of terrorism have been fully investigated.

On behalf of myself and the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, I wish to thank the organizers of the International Tribunal of Conscience, the National Lawyers Guild, and our hosts at New York University. I encourage all defenders of human rights to continue to work together on our common issues in the struggle for our existence.

In the Spirit Of Crazy Horse…


Leonard Peltier

Photo de International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.


Leonard Peltier Defense Committee International

The international support committee is launching a new campaign of support here is the vdo: several international artists ask for presidential clemency to President Obama, last hope for Leonardo to be released …
Leonard Peltier was nominated six times Nobel Peace Prize
IL is supported by:
Nelson Mandela, MG Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, members of European parliaments, international survival, and Rip Danielle Mitterand, Rigorberta Menchu ​​(Nobel Peace Prize) Sister Theresa, Robert Redford, many personalities and millions anonymous claiming its implementation liberté.Léonard was imprisoned for 41 years.
Leonardo is currently aged 71 years, his health is very fragile, almost blind, arthritic .. diabetic, suffers from heart and kidney failure.
The organization  Amnesty International  considers him a political prisoner, which  “should be released immediately and unconditionally
Wikipedia: Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier  is a  militant  American Indian  (Native American) Anishinaabe /  Lakota, born on 12 September  1944, imprisoned since 1976 and sentenced to two sentences to  life imprisonment. He is a member of the American Indian Movement …


Special thanks to Francis Zegut and all the French journalists and associations who discussed the cause of Leonardo: the Figaro, Match, Euronews, Mister globalization, edition, etc … Humanity
and Gambeat artists (La Ventura) Manu Chao, Abd al Malik, Chimney Sweeps of menhirs, Edgar Garcia (zebrock), Mood, Amar Sundy, Guimbal, Romeo David Sarfati, the Electric Circus (Paris)
Robert Redford for Incident at Oglala movie
Rage against the machine, Renaud, Firmin Muguraza … and many more
Interview by Francis Zegut
Article of 16 September 2014 (extract)

RATM “Freedom” inspiration.

Leonard Peltier is imprisoned since 1976 on what grounds? Leonard during a controversial trial, was accused of killing two FBI agents during the siege of Wounded Knee where residents supported the American Indian Movement had revolted against terror and murders perpetuated in the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota .Ancune evidence has ever been brought against him … Witnesses were manipulated by terror, hidden information to jurors during the trial. Later trials of requests for review on the evidence of his innocence never accomplished … His only crime is certainly to be born Indian. Leonard was nominated 6 times for the Nobel Peace Prize, the Nelson Mandela amerindien … 

Read more…

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Petition President Obama to grant Leonard Peltier freedom today!


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The Dalai Lama

Stands with Leonard

Pete Seeger

Stands with Leonard

Susan Sarandon

Stands with Leonard

Harry Belafonte

Stands with Leonard

Desmond Tutu

Stands with Leonard

Join with us to LEONARD FREE!

“Justice has-been elusive for this man. If the matter without remedy and continuous action It Will soon be too late for Any justice at all. A tragedy of this magnitude can not be allowed. ~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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