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Tânia Maron a ajouté 39 photos à l’album The Art of MODESTO ROLDÁN.
Modesto ROLDÁN born in Nerva , Andalusia, Spain in 1923 , he spent the Strait and is rooted in Paris when Paris was a Spanish festival in which the fugitives from the Spanish Plan dancing. He devoured nights Montparnasse, has drawn all the “half- worldly ” and has exhibited his paintings in the best European galleries – . Fernando Sanchez Drago –
Modesto Roldán guessed the world of loneliness by mixing an approximate but equal shares and third , the beauty and serenity that i.. is inhaled into the front room of death, that is why it is so close to Leonardo da Vinci and loves painting not affect wisdom.
Modesto Roldán , who lived thirty years in Paris , has not yet lost, and thanks to that law, the sacred notion of paradise on earth , the space in which the transparent souls of all goats roam Parnassus , the souls without complication , without charges.
The conservative man think God has pity for men who have only one dream, and the revolutionary proclaims that water has its history. Modesto Roldan does not inspire pity because he dreams of thousands of forms and molds orchestrated by the one common denominator that is the woman , this subtle and elusive uncertainty.
Modesto Roldán is the nude painting that exists only to be traced by this exceptional brush the gods dispense with a calculated greed. Cicero said that pleasure is a stimulation, a spur that encourages meanness . It is true that we all go through life making balance on the rope which can fall cauldron Pedro Botero . Only art can save man from the fires of hell.
Photo de Tânia Maron.
Photo de Tânia Maron.
Photo de<br /><br />
 Tânia Maron.
Photo de Tânia Maron.

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