Modis Chrisha

Time for some insights… II
Hello my dear Friends and Fans, 

as promised I will tell you a bit more about my work as a composer, producer and as a DJ.


So you get first hand information of my personal thoughts and experiences…lol…you better don´t know everything.


I have had very good responses to my newsletters, thanks to all of you, amazing.


One Fan asked a good question, why don´t you make any podcasts and explain more about frequencies and all that stuff.

OK, I answer this here in the newsletter:

I am sure there are more intelligent people out there with more knowledge about all those things than Modis Chrisha. Having said this, I like to show people and my fans just a little bit of my world and how my music is produced. It is only a small part of the story behind the scenes. Let´s see how things develop and then decide if a podcast does make sense.


You would like to know more about some songs, my history and whats behind it? Listen to this nice interview, made by DrCal.


Wish you all the best

Modis Chrisha


“Things are changing, but nothing changes….and still there are changes” (Enigma-Michal Cretu)


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Storm Out of Nothing – Aus dem Nichts
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“Modis Chrisha. A composer of zealous classical music with a beatnik that defines his sounds that no one else has.”  — Ron Farpella,“So much beauty… Many times people have to add a lot of layers to achieve the sound that you have but you’ve done it in a very simplistic way… :)”  — Marquita Brown, Marquita Brown

“Excellent work – um es gleich für alle zu sagen …”  — Xenophanes Productions, Xenophanes Productions


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