• Powerful Message quoted and endorsed by the Legendary Tc Thompkins promoter for Michael Jackson, Danity Kane, Luther Vandross Teena Marie and many more Artist. Tj Motley is a New upcoming conscious Hip-Hop artist not only is he just a Hip-hop artist but a MC bringing you into consciousness about police brutality, with his new track Stars & Stripes as Tc Thompkins said “Watch out for this young man he’s up and coming”.

    T.J Motley – Stars And Stripes

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    Ginger Patterson

    Hello my old friend jean can you put this young man Tj Motley in your paper

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    Ginger Patterson

    Tj motley is a Conscious Hip-Hop Artist on the Midwest Magic Productions Record label who just signed a contract to do one single with Coast2Coast The largest Hip-Hop and rap format

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    Tj Motley is 21 years old from St. Louis Mo but left St. Louis at a young age and now lives in Minneapolis Minnesota

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