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Social Digest for the week of March 26, 2012
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Welcome to this week’s Social Digest! Below you’ll find a recap of somegreat things that happened over the past week. If you like what you read, just
click on it and reply, comment, post or let us know what you think! Thanks for
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via Facebook on 03.27.12
valign=”top”>Q: How often do u come to the
states and have you or will
you be coming to Philly in the
near future

valign=”top”>A: I haven’t come back to the
states since I moved from DC
to Toronto in 2009. I would
love to come back to do a s…

via Fan Questions on 03.20.12
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via Twitter on 03.29.12
How is errrybody doin!!!???
12 likes | 13 comments
via Facebook on 03.28.12
My hope is that my life
contributes something good,
thought-provoking, helpful,
loving, impactful and needed
to the world I will live i…
18 likes | 2 comments
via Facebook on 03.26.12
Don’t ever let anyone or
any circumstance steal your
joy!!! You are a resilient,
amazing person!
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via Twitter on 03.31.12
via Tumblr on 03.26.12

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