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#PupsForEles. We’re working closely with Uganda Wildlife Authority to shut the door on illegal ivory smuggling.
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sniffer dogs© WCS Uganda


Help Sniffer Dogs Stop The Ivory Trade

Uganda, home to roughly 5,000 elephants, has emerged as a key transit hub for traffickers taking illegal ivory to Asia.

We’re working closely with Uganda Wildlife Authority to shut the door on this smuggling.

To help, we brought in Piper and Mia, a pair of sniffer dogs, who are now working at Entebbe International Airport. Since they joined the airport team, the dogs have already played an important role in a number of busts.

Let Piper, Mia, and the K9 team know that you have their backs. Post a photo of your dog, or a friend’s dog, on social media with the hashtag #PupsForEles so they can see your support!

To learn more, please visit the new website.

sea turtle with plastic waste 


Reduce Your Use – Save Wildlife

Plastic pollution is a huge problem for marine animals. They may mistake it for food or get tangled in it. Let’s do something to help. Join us for the 30-Day Plastics Challenge. It’s a simple way to help make our water safer for people and animals.

Red Ruffed LemurJulie Larsen Maher ©WCS


Protect Lemurs From Climate Change

Madagascar’s Makira Natural Park is home to biodiversity found nowhere else in the world, including 20 species of lemur. Thanks to Cool Effect, you can help protect this unique island and its wildlife from climate change.

Forrest Hogg ©WCS


Wildlife Conservation Society

Northern Congo’s notorious elephant poacher and ivory trafficker, Daring Dissaka, has been convicted and sentenced to five years imprisonment with help from WCS’s Wildlife Crimes Unit.

©Rodrigo Costa Araujo


A new study will help protect these miniature monkeys, thanks to the Conservation Leadership Programme.

Learn More >>

©Chris Spohn


Our lens on the amazing animal kingdom.

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©WCS Cambodia


WCS Cambodia and the Royal Turtle Conservation Team spring into action to protect hatchlings belonging to one of the world’s most endangered freshwater turtle species.

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©2017 Wildlife Conservation Society
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League of Conservation Voters

jean paul,Earlier this year the EPA finalized the new Clean Water Rule to stop irresponsible corporations from polluting small streams and wetlands. Thanks to the Clean Water Rule, 117 million Americans are now ensured clean drinking water, and vital tributaries, streams, and wetland habitats will be protected for the wildlife that needs them.

But already bills are in motion in Congress to block or delay the restored clean water protections.

Please, join our friends at National Wildlife Federation Action Fund in telling Congress and President Obama to stand firm against attacks on the Clean Water Rule »

Thank you,

Kristin Brown
Director of Digital Strategy
League of Conservation Voters

All Hands on Deck to Defend Otters’ Clean Water
Stop the backlash against wildlife-friendly policy »

Dear jean paul,

I have good news and bad news.

Good news first. In May the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalized a landmark rule to protect 20 million acres of wetlands and 2 million miles of streams and waterways that are critical to river otters and many other wildlife. It’s a good rule.

Bad news? There are already bills gaining momentum in Congress to rip the heart out of the new Clean Water Rule.

Don’t let this hard-fought wildlife victory become undone. Urge your members of Congress AND President Obama to stand firm against any and all attacks on the Clean Water Rule and Clean Water Act.

River otters thrive in water habitats such as ponds, marshes, lakes, rivers, estuaries and marshes — exactly the kinds of waterways that have been at increased risk of pollution and destruction since the Supreme Court muddied the Clean Water Act’s jurisdiction.

The uncertainty has taken its toll. The rate of wetland loss is on the rise — we’re losing wetlands that provide life-giving habitat and essential breeding grounds for so many species — 50% of the nation’s wetlands in the contiguous states are already gone. We can’t keep losing these vital wildlife habitats and risking our waterways and drinking water supplies. This Clean Water Rule must stick.

Tell Congress and President Obama to support the wildlife-friendly Clean Water Rule and block all attempts to overturn it.

Based on the best wetland science, the final rule restores protections to two major categories of waters:

  1. Tributaries to larger streams and rivers
  2. Wetlands, lakes and other water bodies located adjacent to these tributaries

In addition to providing essential wildlife habitat, these waters are an effective buffer against floods, provide water in times of drought, and filter pollutants out of water that otherwise would have to be treated at great expense to cities and towns.

The rule is clear and workable for farmers, land owners and businesses. It should be implemented without change or delay.

Lend your voice to support the Clean Water Rule for river otters and other wildlife, and you!

Thanks for all you do to protect wildlife and the natural world.


Collin O’Mara
Board of Directors, NWF Action Fund

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