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Current U.S. Congress Touted As “The Worst<br /><br />
          Congress Ever”

Current U.S. Congress Touted As “The Worst Congress Ever”

By: Victor Trammell In wake of the deal just made on Capitol Hill over the so-called fiscal cliff, the U.S. government still has progress to achieve toward building a more stable America. Even though a tentative agreement was pushed through, may issues still loom for America’s very weak economic recovery. There is also deep partisan […]

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Wisconsin Senator on Kwanzaa: ‘…No<br /><br />
          Black People Today Care About Kwanzaa’A Wisconsin senator is sick and tired of people celebrating Kwanzaa, which he believes is a fake holiday. Glenn Grothman believes the holiday was conjured by a racist professor (Maulana Karenga) and extreme liberals. In a press release, Grothman asked : “Why must we still hear about Kwanzaa? Why are hard-core left wingers still trying to […]

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Governor of<br /><br />
          North Carolina Pardons The ‘Wilmington 10′ In Accused Crimes<br /><br />
          During Civil Rights Era

By: Victor Trammell Beverly Perdue (pictured), the outgoing governor of North Carolina issued a pardons this past Monday for various prisoners who were held for very controversial convictions dating back to the civil rights era. The so-called “Wilmington 10″ were convicted in 1972 for the fire bombing of a Wilmington, North Carolina grocery store. The […]

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Woman Gets 11 Days in Jail for Cursing in PublicWe can all agree that cursing in public is not the most lady or gentleman-like thing to do, but should you go to jail for it?  A woman in Michigan has just had bond ordered after she was sent to jail for 11 days for cursing.  After a nightmarish ordeal, LaRue Ford just left the […]

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Mother of Trayvon Martin<br /><br />
          Reflects On 2012, Says She Wants Justice Served In 2013By Victor Trammell Sybrina Fulton, mother of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin spoke with Essence Magazine about the previous year. Fulton talked about having to spend her first holiday without her son. She also shared her feelings on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and her hopes of justice prevailing in 2013 […]

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Suspected Child Killer Brenda Stokes Due In<br /><br />
          Court This Morning

By Victor Trammell A Nevada woman who is already charged with a brutal attack on a co-worker at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas is expected to be arraigned on new charges of murder and kidnapping. Brenda Stokes (pictured), 50, was suspected in the disappearance and subsequent homocide of 10-year-old Jade Morris. Morris is the daughter […]

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Politicians Kill the Bill to Help Victims of<br /><br />
          Hurricane SandyWhile the do-nothing Congress made the nation wait until the last minute to find out the results of the fiscal cliff situation, they were also busy obstructing other forms of political progress.  House Republicans got together to kill the bill that would give supplemental disaster aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy. This was a massive […]

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Dr. Boyce<br /><br />
          & Yvette: The Election is Over, so Democrats Are Back to<br /><br />
          Ignoring Black People  by Dr. Boyce Watkins In this interview, Yvette Carnell and I openly question whether the Democratic Party is going to fight as hard to support the black agenda as they fought to get black people out to vote.  You see, there was an INCENTIVE for them to fight for your right to vote:  It […]

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Death Toll<br /><br />
            Continues to Mount in Ivory Coast Stampede Which Killed<br /><br />
            Mostly Children and Teens

Death Toll Continues to Mount in Ivory Coast Stampede Which Killed Mostly Children and Teens

The death toll from a stampede in the Ivory Coast now stands at 61, with survivors saying the stampede, which killed mostly teenagers and children, was caused by…

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Nelson Mandela Wants People to Stop<br /><br />
            Gossiping about Him Being Dead

Nelson Mandela Wants People to Stop Gossiping about Him Being Dead

Nelson Mandela is not dead. He’s at home and he’s alert.  The former South African President not only wants people to know that he’s still ticking, but he…

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Kathy Griffin Kisses<br /><br />
            Anderson Cooper Below the Belt During CNN New Year’s<br /><br />

Kathy Griffin Kisses Anderson Cooper Below the Belt During CNN New Year’s Broadcast

What was wrong with Kathy Griffin on New Year’s Eve?  You wouldn’t expect a woman to go in front of millions of people after she’d been drinking, but…

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Ind. Hospital Fires 8 Workers For<br /><br />
            Refusing to Take Mandatory Flu Shot

Ind. Hospital Fires 8 Workers For Refusing to Take Mandatory Flu Shot

Although Illinois and California recently passed laws which explicitly disallow employers from asking for an employee’s social media password, it’s still a concern for workers in other states.…

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Your Black History: The Beginning of Race Films

Your Black History: The Beginning of Race Films

Today, if you ask most people who was the first Black man to start a Motion Picture Company, there is a good chance that many will say…

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“All My Babies’ Mamas”: A<br /><br />
            Single Mother Speaks Against Shawty Lo’s Critics

“All My Babies’ Mamas”: A Single Mother Speaks Against Shawty Lo’s Critics

This letter from a BMWK reader who asked to remain anonymous, is in response to an article that originally ran yesterday titled:  Reality TV? New Show “All…

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