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à écouter de toute urgence cette demoiselle

13 Year Old Female Prodigy, Divaldi:
Female Guitar Warrior or The Little Shredder (In her own words)

What can i say about this beautiful young WOman. I just laugh when i’m confronted with the Extraordinary, the Unexplainable. This pint-sized Virtuoso is what i call the One Percenters that live amongst us mere mortals.
She has to be an Angel sent to us from the Man above. There is no other explanation.

Divaldi has been Shredding with Precise Mirrored accuracy of her idols songs such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Angelo Batio, Jason Becker and Co since she was Seven.

She sent me this Demo yesterday of her first released Original that she has Composed. (Feel Privileged)
I’ve just kicked it up a bit visually. I haven’t really much more to say. This sort of Talent only comes around every Century. So sit back and i’ll let you be the Judge.



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