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Featuring Original Music by Milan Sv DJURDJEVIC


London September 2015 – Plaza Mayor Company ltd will release the PANAMA – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally and on CD 21th September 2015. The album features the film’s original score by Milan Sv Djurdjevic.


Milan Sv. Djurdjevic – Soundtrack “Panama”
Director Pavle Vučković
Premiere – 2015 Cannes Film festival (Special Screenings Selection)


Panama soundtrack doesn’t exploit music in classical terms of rhythm and melody, but more as a mix of color and texture, thus making it unique and vibrant. Utmost electronic soundtrack, enriched with sounds that exceed the barriers defined by strict music forms.

VARIETY: „As the cutting privileges almost-Lynchian mystery elements furthered by composer Milan Sv. Durdevic’s heightened bass lines.“


Plaza Mayor Company ltd presents PANAMA – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will available Digital and on CD 21th September 2015.


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