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Dan Ivankovich avec James Mayes à Chicago.

CHICAGO BLUES, JIMI HENDRIX & BEYOND: After Last Year’s Chicago Blues Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, I Called My Friend Jimmi Mayes & Said, “James, Better Start Picking Out One Of Your Fine-Ass Suits, Because Next Year Is Gonna’ Be Your Year” . . Wasn’t Trying To Be A Blues Oracle, But No Hall Of Fame Could Be Complete Without His Legendary & Amazing Artistry. Raised On The Blues In Mississippi, This Musical Stalwart Has Travelled The World With A Virtual Who’s Who Of Legendary Musicians. BTW . . For Added Cool Factor, Mr. Mayes Plays Drums On Jimi Hendrix’ “Cry Of Love” Release. What More Can I Say . . Incredible To Be Your Friend & So Proud And Happy For You, My Brother. Peace & Love ! ! !


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