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At a young age Rachel was introduced to the interior of British Columbia, Canada. Her parents being missionaries, moved to a First Nations reserve from the U.S.A.. She grew to love the spiritually inspiring people and beauty of the ways of the land. With a large interior lake and the wilderness at her door step her loving childhood home was filled with music and entertainment of their own artistic device. Later Rachel moved to California to finish her schooling and then spent several years living in various states throughout the U.S.A.. Moving back to British Columbia she continued writing music and hosted a Christian music Radio show called the ” Light House”. As a singer/songwriter she performed at community events, music festivals, concert halls, coffee houses, fundraisers and TV telethons.

Rachel Walker has released several album starting with ” SENT ” in the year 2000. This gospel recording features ten of Rachel’s popular originals from that time. A folk based writing style mixed with acoustic pop melodies and a soothing message of life challenges and struggles over come by faith and healing.

In 2004 Rachel released the album ” Zorobabel “. This album features ten songs of more electric and rock groove. The tracks contain a similar gospel theme to her previous album with a more energized melody and modern beat. Leaving the listener with a positive, somewhat healing quality. Rachel is thankful for the support and encouragement of the many who appreciate and enjoy her unique talent and creativity. Her songwriting is ever evolving with a rich and expansive range of musical genres and experimental style. She also enjoys working on collaborations with talented professionals from across the globe, writing for professional performing artists and TV/ Film placements.

Her songs are often described as soothing, melodic, spicy, fun, healing and filled with a wide range of emotion. Vocally Rachel has been likened to a combination Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush and Amy Grant. She is grateful to have such a global audience and finds the sharing of her musical creations with others to be the ultimate reward.

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