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I have a new CD “Forces of Nature” now


my new CD is now available. You can hear samples of all tracks at the link below. If you would like to purchase a CD directly from me, please reply to this message. I’ll have a new website coming soon also. I truly appreciate all your support.
♫ Forces of Nature – Rod Kinny. Listen @cdbaby
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Here is the first review of the new CD. (it’s a cracker & all) It’s from Aorland out of Spain. I’ve included a translation of the review below, plus a link to the blog page.

Genre: West Coast Rock
Out: March 2017

Track list

01. Forces of Nature
02. Rock Where I Stand
03. See the Stars
04. Unconditional
05. These Times
06. Truth Vibrations
07. Feargal Sharkey
08. Crystal
09. Summertown
10. They Do not Know
11. Movie of Your Life


Rod Kinny: vocals, bass, acoustic & electric guitars.

Additional musics:

Ernie LaViolette: drums.
Lewis Sego: organ.
Michael B. Nelson: trombone.
Steve Strand: trumpet & flugelhorn.
Bill Brown: organ.
Troy Norton: electric guitar
Brian Bart: percussion programming. Additional keyboards
John Calarco: drums.
Ken Wilson: pedal steel guitar.

From Austin as a breath of peace and quiet, we have a new album by musician and composer Rod Kinny, “Forces of Nature” is his presentation card, which brings us a clear and concise message and in the words of Kinny himself has a Purpose, to bring joy and happiness through his music, defining it as his most refined work reminiscent of the seventies music of the West Coast more oriented to rock but dealing with the themes of today that serve as inspiration to the hour To compose.

For “Forces of Nature,” Kinny has surrounded himself with some of the best West Coast studio musicians, including Bill Brown, Troy Norton, Kenny Wilson, Ernie LaViolette, John Calarco, Lewis Sego and Michael B. Nelson and Steve Strand .

Eleven songs compose this new album with a genuine American rock for adults, melodies where he bares his soul with his guitar and voice that in the case of Kinny is not one of his strongest weapons but that defends it in a tone more in keeping with the environment That distills in his songs, many times the voice in a weapon of double row, knowing how to use it in the best way can offer us great results, in this case Kinny shows us that with a more or less fragile voice the best feelings condense.

It is important to emphasize the relaxed and serene air that offers us in each of the cuts of the disc, proof of it we have it in “Forces of nature”, “Rock where i stand”, the more intimate soft rock we have it in “Unconditional” The best west coast would come from the hand of the beautiful melody of “These times”, the most indie pop touch we found in “Truth vibrations”, also has the most classic country in the cuts “They don’t know” and ” Feargal Sharkey “that as curiosity gives name to a well-known British singer of the band Undertones, the acoustic folk also is present in” Summertown “and as final brooch” Movie of your life “that returns us to the starting point of the album.

A smart bet for a rock without ties and straight to the heart.

Highly Recommended // Highly Recommended
Aorland Score: 85/100

Editor: Juan Antonio

Écrivez un message…
It is my great pleasure to announce my new CD will be available in two weeks. I am accepting pre orders now. It is an 11 song work designed in an attractive digipak. A new website will be ready soon as well.
it is $14.00 plus $5.00 shipping for USA. $9.00 shipping for Canada & Mexico. $16.00 shipping for the rest of the world. (I’m sorry it’s so steep)
Other options will be & other sites as well. And of course plenty available for digital download. Please reply to this email with your order or any questions you may have.
Warm Regards,
Rod Kinny
I have for you my Indiegogo funding for a new CD page to check out. I’ve included a short video and the link to the campaign itself. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you my friends, Rod

My Dear Friends, I was in the studio yesterday working on new material. I recorded with a fretless bass for the first time on a new song & ended up with wonderful results.

I also laid down a demo for what will be the #10 track or last song on the CD. I plan to begin a fundraising campaign to finance this new project in late spring as I plan another session within a couple of months to complete the basic tracks.

Your support is essential as I embark again to make a truly great record. I have some great songs to present although like I’ve stated, YOUR SUPPORT IS ESSENTIAL! I will have more updates soon. I deeply appreciate all the support!

Yours Sincerely,



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