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Hello all,
Got 1 more day of driving and will have completed the drive from Carpenteria CA to Montreal. Whoa!!! Probably the longest I’ve ever concentrated for 8 to 10 hours a day to keep myself and others alive on these highways.

Here’s a list of the concerts I’ll be doing while I’m in Quebec. The Nexxx will be playing with me on many of them. Really looking forward to this tour.

August 6th house concert
August …18and 19th Le tapis rouge st- Jérôme
August 26th La Tuque
August ..27th Marine Cabaret Sorel-Tracy
September 9th Vimy Ridge
Septembre 10th Musi-cafe lac-Megantic
Sept 16th Victoriaville
Septembre 17th Chez Maurice
Septembre 21,22 th Petit Champlain
Septembre 24th Saint-Arnould
Septembre 30 th La Grange de la Gatineau with option for a supplementary performance on Thursday 29th

There’s a couple more I will post in the next moment.

For news on the new CD “Continuance”, I have left the mix in the capable hands of Sjoerd Koppert. There is no man who knows more about sound and audio than this man. Those of you who know me understand that normally, I would freak right out if I was told I couldn’t be at the mixes, but Sjoerd and I are so clearly on the same page when it comes to the musicality in the tracks, that here I am 200 miles from the Canadian border all the way across the country. He sends me MP3’s to listen to as I’ve been driving and I can tell you this CD KICKS SERIOUS ASS!!! The players are sublime and the energy is overwhelming. This is probably the best work I have done to date. Can’t wait for you all to hear it. Ok, dat’s it. 2 more Quebec dates below. H, L and C


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