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You can be a Rock Star judge for SuperXtar!
We are planning to launch our Social Media Platform for, a worldwide online talent contest.  Once it is launched, we will be getting thousands of videos and we’ll NEED quite a few JUDGES to pick the best performers, and help us with new ideas and beta testing.  That’s where you come in.
You could become one of our judges for a year!

Now, let me tell you about our judges: They will be part of our ELITE CLASS  Our judges will be treated like VIPs.  Their voices will shape the experience of SuperXtar.

Our judges will have FREE admittance to all of our Events and Grand Finales. They will be invited to our After Parties and meet the SuperXtar Winners.  We’ll spoil them!

As a rule, our judges will be volunteers picked from our viewers with the best judging skills.
However because of our crowdfunding campaign, we’re offering you this one time opportunity to be a SuperXtar judge for a year.
All that you need to do is help us fire up our crowdfunding campaign that we will launch, Monday July 28th on Indiegogo.

Back up our Indiegogo campaign with your contribution to get the Judge’s reward for just $50 (one third of the regular value of $150). Once our Indiegogo campaign launches we cannot offer you this opportunity any longer. There is no money necessary July 28th.
Remember you’ll be treated like a VIP, have free admittance to all SuperXtar events, besides getting involved in the a worldwide competition that will rock the show business world and could open the doors for your artistic skills.

Once you sign up to be a judge, you will receive further direction from us later.  We’d like to emphasize that there is no money involved until the first day of our campaign on indiegogo (July 28th), then you’d go to Indiegogo to honor your commitment.

Click the following link to become a judge
Not sure yet? Please, read what The Examiner wrote about SuperXtar

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