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Svein “Chrico” Christiansen (born 6 August 1941 in Kolbotn, Norway  – 25 November 2015, in Oslo, Norway)[1] is a Norwegian jazz musician (drums), known from a number of recordings, and central on the Oslo Jazz scene.


Christiansen started early to play drums in various bands in the Oslo area like “Hot Saints” (1958–60), “Veitvet musikkskoles storband”, and in ensembles led by Oddvar Paulsen, Roy Hellvin, Helge Hurum, Fred Nøddelund and Frode Thingnæs. He played on albums by Einar Iversen, Egil Kapstad, Karin Krog, Terje Bjørklund, Svein Finnerud/Trond Botnen, Terje Rypdal (Odyssey, 1975),[2] Knut Riisnæs, Radka Toneff, Jon Eberson, Laila Dalseth, Øystein Sevåg, Jens Wendelboe, Susanne Fuhr, Dag Arnesen (Renascent, 1984), within “Out To Lunch”, and with Bjørn Alterhaug and Helge Iberg.

He also appeared on records in other genres, with “Kjerringrokk” (1975), Svein Finjarn (Soloflight, 1978), “LASA” (Released, 1980), “Stiftelsen” (1981), Odd Børretzen (På den ene siden – På den andre siden, 1976) and Bjørn Eidsvåg (Live i Ny York 1981, Passe gal 1983), Jan Eggum (En natt forbi 1979, 30/30, 2005), Lars Klevstrand (Frie hender, 1981), Lystad/Mjøen, Ryfylke Visegruppe (Forlis, 1983) and Trond-Viggo Torgersen (Harunåsågirebort, 1978).

During the 1970s, he was also in Oslo-Filharmonien, “Radiostorbandet”, Kringkastingsorkesteret (1980–2003) and “Per Nyhaug Studioband”, and recently in “Willy Andresen Quartet”, Einar Iversen Trio, trio with Dag Arnesen and Terje Gewelt,[3] Totti Bergh Quintet, Tine Asmundsen Trio and Quintet (1999–), as well as in the band “Bone Thang”.


Discography (in selection)[edit]

With Øystein Sunde
  • 1971: Det Året Det Var Så Bratt (CBS)
  • 1976: På Sangens Vinger (Philips)
With Terje Rypdal
With Jan Eggum
  • 1979: En natt forbi (CBS Records|CBS)
  • 2005: 30/30 (Grappa Music)
With Bjørn Eidsvåg
  • 1981: Live i Ny York (Kirkelig Kulturverksted)
  • 1983: Passe gal (Kirkelig Kulturverksted)
Within “Out To Lunch” – quintet with Bjørn Klakegg, Olaf Kamfjord, Rune Klakegg & Vidar Johansen
With Dag Arnesen & Terje Gewelt – trio
  • 1994: Movin’ (Taurus Records)
  • 1998: Inner Lines (Resonant Music)
With other projects


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R.I.P. Svein Christiansen, the unsung drum hero, little known outside of Norway, but those who worship Terje Rypdal and his seminal album ‘Odyssey’, know about this sophisticated drummer. I have an ultra rare video of TR Odyssey from Molde Jazz Festival 1975, which is mindblowing, which I watched so many times, and that’s one of the very few videos displaying a great talent of this ultra largely unknown gentleman with whom I have exchanged emails about 10 years ago. (TR Odyssey is one of my all time favorite albums)
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