The Finnish-African rewarding interactive internet TV technology is spreading rapidly in Africa

The Finnish-African

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Press release 8.12.2014                                        

The Finnish-African rewarding interactive internet TV technology is spreading rapidly in Africa

A unique Internet-TV concept and service platform developed by Finnish Neonella Ltd, has received a huge success in Africa. Neonella started a crowdfunding campaign last week.

The features of the service are based on interactive functions between the user and the content provider as well as the fact that users’ are being rewarded with bitcoins from participation with the content.

– Consumers are able to use bitcoins within the service and generally bitcoins can be used in tens of thousands of other online stores and services. The service allows communication between consumer and the advertiser. For example it is possible to make offers, ask opinions and make money transfers both ways while using the service, says CEO Jussi Myllylä.

The huge potential on African markets

The demand of internet-TV technology is growing strongly in Africa, as many countries are currently undergoing the transition from analog to digital TV. To this end, Internet-TV, due to the popularity of smartphones, is the most natural option. Cisco predicts that mobile data-traffic by continent, will grow most in Africa and will increase to 70%* by the year 2018. There are currently over 500 million mobile users in Africa**.

Neonella`s strategic partner in Africa is Somocon Ltd, who is involved in the business, but also in the development of the services, especially for the needs of African markets. At the moment, the service platform has orders in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia.

The technical platform created by Neonella Ltd. can also be developed for educational purposes due to it´s interactive features. Technological services for educational use are growing rapidly in Africa.

Neonella Ltd. is currently looking for new investors through the crowdfunding platform FundedByMe for further development of the service and for operations in Africa.

More information

Heikki Mäkilä
+358 50 61 699
(African business responsible)

Jussi Myllylä
CEO, Neonella
+358 40 820 6678

Flexvee crowdfunding campaign:

* Source:
** Source:


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