Featured This Week on The Jazz Network Worldwide: Multi-instrumentalist, Tony White with his new CD “Tony White Music”.

Tony White, a seasoned multi-instrumentalist musician, who is known for playing with top-tier artistry in the music industry promotes his new CD “Tony White Music” on The Jazz Network Worldwide.

White plays, saxophones, flutes, clarinets, piano, bass, guitar and a bit of trombone as well as a composer who’s music can be heard on film and television all over the world. “Tony White Music” composed and produced by Tony includes Latin, smooth jazz and world music.

The Music Specialist, Allen Johnson of The Global Soul Group ( was responsible for the nudging of “Tony White Music” claiming that it was a great piece of work that can be distributed to various media outlets for consideration in TV and film as well as radio”, says Tony.

“Only once or twice in my career have I heard a musician with the professional “chops” as strong as Tony White.  Upon hearing his music for the first time I contacted him and offered him a global distribution deal.  Great musician even better person, Tony White has that rare combination of humility on top of consummate professionalism.” says Allen Johnson of The Global Soul Group and Global Soul Records.

“Tony White Music” is the latest musical offering from Tony, adding to the numerous CD’s through the years which have garnered rave reviews from publications like Jazz Times Magazine, Jazziz, and many others.

“The Jazz Network Worldwide is happy to jump on the bandwagon of Tony Whites musical journey, promoting his tune “Freeflight” off of his new CD “Tony White Music”. His musicianship falls under our ‘Not Just Jazz’ Movement for it stretches the span of musical genres with free-flowing jazz flavors, making it a relaxing musical carpet ride to the ears. Given such a wide span of experience, opens up many performance opportunities on worldwide platforms” says Jaijai Jackson, of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

“Music is the universal language and the one thing, like Love, that we can all share as a common experience. I hope my audience feels my experiences and my influences through my music and feel like they know me a little bit better” says White.

“Thoughts – Angel had really nice vocals. Clean sound. [Candidus] had a very soothing sound.  Bachir sounded like the sax version of ‘Flight of the Bumble Bee’ for a bit. Great stuff. Danser had some great high octave work on the clarinet. As a former player, I appreciated it. Free Flight had a Steely Dan vibe in the intro. Then it changed and I really liked that as well. “If you’re looking to chill around the house, or the pool or in the bathtub. Put this on. It will put you in a great frame of mind. I highly recommend it.” ~ Russ Cohen of

At a very early age Tony started studying clarinet. He showed a great proficiency for the instrument and collected high honors and awards. As he continued to expand his education with his mentor and teacher Joseph Genna, which led to his admission into The Berklee School of Music in Boston MA. In addition, he studied performance at The New School in NYC and Composition and Orchestration at the esteemed UCLA Film School.

Tony continues to write and record, performing live and sharing his love of music with the world. His musical influences are wide and varied which are reflected in his playing and writing.

Tony’s association with 10,000 Maniacs stands to this day and has had the opportunity to play with many of the top names in the music business including Paul McCartney, The WallFlowers, World Party, Zap Mama, Burning Spear, Robyn Hitchcock, Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), Kenny Loggins and Paula Abdul.

His TV appearances include The Today Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, The Arsenio Hall Show, MTV Drops The Ball, Soundstage, MTV’s Inaugural Ball.

He has performed on the World’s most prestigious stages including, Madison Square Garden, The Hollywood Bowl, Avery Fisher Hall, Red Rocks CO, The Chicago Theatre, Teatro Ciak Milan IT, Giuseppi Verdi Theatre Torino IT. He has played on Broadway playing the Billy Joel Twyla Tharp collaboration called Movin Out.

To learn more and purchase “Tony White Music” go to Be sure to check out his feature on The Jazz Network Worldwide at



Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: International Saxophonist Yuichiro Tokuda with multiple releases “Wind”, “Crossing Colors” and “All Time Best” 2006-2018 with goals for new relationships with US audiences.

International musician/label owner “Yuichiro Tokuda” spreads the seeds of music on US soil and worldwide, with his new website and releases “Wind”, “Crossing Colors” and “All Time Best” 2006-2018 on GoodNessPlus Records.

“RALYZZDIG” is mixed original word of “RAY, LYRIC, JAZZ and DIG” It means “to dig into Jazz that sends out a hot ray and touches the heart with lyrics”. Yuichiro Tokuda RALYZZDIG musicians are, Yuichiro Tokuda: alto/sopranino sax, vocal, composition, Naoto Suzuki: guitar, Shunichi Yanagi: piano, Tomoya Ohgaki: bass, and Yuto Maseki on drums.

After studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Yuichiro returned to Japan forming his own band “Yuichiro Tokuda RALYZZDIG”.  His first album was acclaimed as “the cutting edge of the present progressive form of jazz” in Jazz Life magazine.  

“Jazz is continuously growing within me, for my influences come from my worldwide travels. I get inspiration from people, language, landscapes, soil, air, food, whatever comes naturally to me. I combine those impressions, and create through my Japanese culture my musical art, and through my memories in my life” says Tukado.

Having received an award, as the the first time ever for a jazz artist, the ”New Face of the Year in Art & Culture” from the Chiba-City Government.  He and his band have performed more than 50 stages all over the world.  His original songs received “Finalist” & “Honorable Mention Award” in International Songwriting Competition 2010, 2012 & 2013 Jazz Category.

“Innovatively progressive, contemporary jazz feel of presentation is what I hear.  Jazz being an international language, there is no question as to why Yuichiro Tokuda looks to plant musical seeds in American soil.  As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, he became equipped for the call for the music that was beating in his heart and soul” says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide. 

Having performed many international jazz festivals as well as prestigious international awards of achievement, Yuichiro Tukado’s new CD entitled “Wind”,“Crossing Colors” and “All Time Best” 2006-2018 are his latest offering of his musicianship. 

Tokuda founded/owns and operates his own record label GoodNessPlus Records, since he was 25. GoodNessPlus Records has released10 artists/bands and 20 albums to worldwide audiences, both (CD & digital music). Two more upcoming artist projects to be released in July and August.

Early in May, Yuichiro’s band performed at the World Youth Jazz Festival in Malaysia on International Jazz Day and then traveled on to Japan and Malaysia to continue their current tour schedule.  Some of his goals are to perform at the Monterey Jazz Festival and Newport Jazz Festival as well as events that are open to booking artists from across the world and integrating it into today’s cultural musical presentations.

To purchase and learn more go and stop by to check out his featured spot. 

Visit the official Yuichiro Tokuda US Website


Warm greetings to all!

This is the time of year that I reflect upon all the amazing musical artistry that has come through our doors here in The Jazz Network Worldwide.  I want to welcome the new members, thank you for joining our family of jazz and the Not Just Jazz Movement.

The one element that I see missing for artists are actual booking agents.  I can’t tell you how many times I get asked if I know of a good agent.  In reality, there aren’t a lot out there that don’t already have a roster that they are committed to or don’t want to give an independent artist a chance.  For this reason, I began to notify festivals of artists that I feature, whether they know you or not, they will at least get an endorsement from our platform with the request for booking considerations.  Your music, branding, press release and video is enough to catch their eyes and ears and hopefully eager to learn more.

As we roll into the 11th year of this platform, I always like to give back to all of you with some discounts that will help in promoting your projects.  I find a way to work with everyone and do my best to make sure you are fully equipped from websites, to social media and the promotional tools to support your release, festival or business.

I also like to alert the community when vocalists and musicians that are available for touring and/or recording as well as those that teach online.  If you need support with one-sheets, flyers, banners for social media, bio’s, digital CD/single covers, website assembly and building, I stand ready to serve you.

If all of you would consider sharing our community with your friends, we can continue to build a portal for jazz and the artists that integrate jazz with other flavors/genres of music.  The Not Just Jazz Movement acknowledges these artists and excited to discover the most unique musical collaborations that bring forth innovative blends with jazz as an integral part of its presentation.  So, I urge you to let me know about you so I can align with you in branding your excellence.  The international musicians/bands are also included, since we are a worldwide platform.

Please feel free to reach me at: so that I can learn more about you, your accomplishments and where you are headed.

Be sure to ask me about the discounts I will be applying to your promotion, for its my way of giving back for sharing your gifts with us now and in the future.  If you have a release coming out in the early part of 2019, I can block out the calendar to compliment your release.

I would need to hear right away if you want to be featured with your Christmas music and/or your latest project.

Looking forward to working with you!  Happy holidays to all!

Peace & Blessings,



Featured this week on The Jazz Network Worldwide: Drummer, Kevin Michaels launches a new website and sharing a sneak peek of his new single “Superman Lover” from his upcoming The Enigma Project CD release.

Kevin Michaels has a whole-new musical journey to enjoy as he carves out his new website launching his new single “Superman Lover” from his upcoming The Enigma Project CD Release early 2019.

His band The Enigma Project is carving out its place in the music industry gaining popularity at record speed having been featured at many popular music festivals. Leader Kevin Michaels is a perfectionist and demands excellence from himself and his bandmates, always looking to expand drum and percussion boundaries in all genres. His original compositions include lyrics that are literate, self-consciously meaningful and fearless. As a musical-genre-spear-header, he emphasizes blends of diverse rhythms adding scintillating and energetic flavors and feels to his music. As a true artist, he’s passionate about incorporating heavy elements of Jazz, Rock, Fusion, R&B, Latin, Cuban, Brazilian, Country and Classical styles, which includes Worldbeat and pure African rhythms. The Enigma Project’s “Superman Lover” is its recent offering to the marketplace as a sneak peek of what’s to come early 2019.

“I was blown away by The Enigma Project band, all seasoned musicians who have a history of playing with signature bands. In today’s musical landscape, this myriad of blended styles would be welcome on most any musical stage. You get the sense that these guys will really tap all the great remembrances of tunes you love, played as new arrangements, with identifiable blends of other styles embracing the forward moving groove. I also enjoyed working along Kevin Michaels in creating his new website, his jovial spirit, intense intellect and a keen eye for presentation, which is always in forward momentum mode” says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

Having played with hundreds of bands and recorded on The Beach Boys “Holland Album”, including credit on the 2013 “Made in California” album as well as an audio/visual music credit on the 2006 Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio film “The Departed” adds to his credits.

“The Enigma Project delivers a show comprised of high quality, jazz, rock, r&b, blues, funk, and reggae styles morphing from rock into jazz-latin, and crosses jazz into jazz-rock, r&b-funk-reggae styles. The band does its own arrangements to all types of originals and covers that crosses broad musical spectrums. Each song that is delivered is unique, and packed with power to extremelysubtle details, with deep heavy grooves, great time, and wonderful feels. This band start growing on you from the moment you hear it. Overtime, you realize that you’ve been missing quality music for longer than you thought. Forthose not familiar with the band, the music it presents will give you a deeper understanding of what true music is” says Kevin Michaels.

The current line-up of The Enigma Project is Kevin Michaels (dr.), George M. Webster (bass), Ronnie Good (guitar/voc.), John Gulack (Keys), Mike Nelson (saxes), Roy Wiegand Sr. (trombone), Roy Wiegand Jr. (trumpets), Riki Hendrix (guitars/voc.)

Kevin Michaels has made his mark when it comes to blending his drumming ability creating a fresh and newly vibrant musical experience with anyone’s style. This gift comes organically to Kevin since he is a composer, arranger, audio guru, author and educator who offers consultations. In addition, he is a powerful producer of all types of music, video, including artistic, musical, and stage events.

To learn more and to purchase the new single “Superman Lover” from the upcoming The Enigma Project CD check out the official Kevin Michaels website at as well as his feature on The Jazz Network Worldwide this week at

Click here to enjoy the video presentation of “Superman Lover”



a) Best Pop Duo/Group Performance &

b) Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals
(Katherine Farnham and Inyoung Park, arrangers)**


Best American Roots Song
Katherine Farnham, songwriter
Streisand Tribute by Katherine Farnham Makes Grammy Ballot, Shares Peace Message
LOS ANGELES – Billboard-charting, internationally acclaimed jazz and Americana recording artist Katherine Farnham’s moving new single “People, A Tribute to Barbra Streisand (feat Mindi Abair)” has been selected for this year’s First Round Grammy Awards Ballot in two categories: Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals (Katherine Farnham and Inyoung Park, arrangers). The track features a star-studded cast of musicians including Two-Time Grammy Nominee Mindi Abair as Guest Artist and saxophonist, Four-Time Grammy Nominee and Sony Artist Denny Jiosa on guitar, Roy Vogt on bass and Marcus Finnie on drums (Kirk Whalum).
Two-Time Emmy Nominee and Celebrity Radio Host Phillip Silverstone called the effort “a triumph”. Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide says, “Her rendition of “People” is told directly from her soul, you can really sense that the lyrics mean something to her heart for the growth of people all over the world. She is a favorite in our jazz community.” 
The song is not only a tribute to Streisand but a testimony of cross-cultural bridges and the power of women in music. The track featured global professionals working from three continents during production, from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom to Asia. Guest Artist and Two-Time Grammy Nominee Mindi Abair recorded her sax solo in Los Angeles on International Women’s Day. The string portion of the arrangement was done by Los Angeles resident and Korean-born Inyoung Park.
“When I first talked with Inyoung over the phone about what we were going to do, she was working on a project in Korea. It was the next day in her country. I can remember talking to her very late at night in order to coordinate time zones. She seemed to understand quickly what was needed. She came back to LA and we went out for Korean food and shopping the day of the session. She was so kind, intelligent and engaging. I thought, ‘We are focusing today on creating something beautiful together.’ It was completely in line with the mission of my charity project Music for Peace International.”
Farnham has already racked up an impressive array of awards including three Global Music Award medals, a 2017 Hollywood F.A.M.E. Award and a Los Angeles Music Award among others. “This song’s message means a great deal to me and to many around the world. The outstanding people I’ve had the chance to work with make it all worthwhile. I don’t discuss politics. I believe we all have mostly the same concerns. I intend to be of service by doing my utmost as an artist and humanitarian.”
Farnham began her performing career as an actor and sang her first jazz vocal solo at the tender age of five. Born to classical musician parents, she studied music with her concert pianist mother and later with her father, who was first trombonist for The Boston Pops, a scholar and an arranger. She also studied with notable teachers in other genres and has appeared on Good Morning America, NBC 6, Telemundo and many other shows. A passionate humanitarian, she has supported several charities and organized six benefits supporting music education and ethnic unity. 

In 2018 so far, “People” has already won a Global Music Award and a Las Vegas Counter Culture Award where she sang it live as a featured performer. It has also been played on radio shows worldwide. 

Farnham also made the Grammy ballot for “Legendary Soul (feat Denny Jiosa)“, a song inspired by Prince with a message of love for humanity (Best American Roots Song). A Sony artist, Denny is a Four-Time Grammy Nominee and world-class guitarist. He also performed on “People” and in Farnham’s live band. 

“I am so grateful for this recognition,” says Farnham. “People” is a global message of hope, love and peace. We invite NARAS Members to show their support for these categories in the 61st Grammy® Awards.” 
A portion of proceeds will go to support Music for Peace International. The singles can be purchased at, ITunes and Amazon.


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Vinyl Hampdin new CD “Red” sparks a new website and submissions in the 61st Grammy® Awards

Featured this week on The Jazz Network Worldwide: Modern all-star band Vinyl Hampdin with their new critically acclaimed CD “Red” sparks a new website and submissions in multiple categories in the 61st Grammy® Awards.

Vinyl Hampdin’s new CD “Red” is on its way to new heights as it launches its new project and website coupled with submissions in multiple categories in the 61st Grammy® Awards.

This super-group has a collection of stellar musicians that defies genre and can only be described as rocked-out seriously funky jaw-dropping ear candy with killer horns, world-class rhythm section, and a stunning vocalist.  They are a force of nature with one goal in mind and that is to create modern deep pocket sticky fun music at the highest possible level.

Group founder and composer Steve Wiest puts it this way “What would Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears and Tower of Power sound like if they started out now?” That is the mission of this jam-packed all-star assemblage of world-renown musicians: to take the modern landscape of textures, hybrid styles and timely songwriting of the 21st Century and pour it all into the venerable tradition of the rocked out horn bands of yore.

The band consists of lead singer Lisa Dodd who is a multiple Juno-winning vocalist and bassist from Alberta, Canada. With a stellar voice described by Jonathan Widran as “sandpaper and honey”.  Dodd’s astounding vocal range is the perfect icing to the powerhouse horn section and the state-of-the-art rhythm section that gives Vinyl Hampdin its unique signature sound. 

The all-star horn section is made up of Grammy-winning lead trumpet phenom Frank David Greene of Paul Shaffer-David Letterman and Christian McBride fame, tenor saxophonist Ray Herrmann from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame super-group Chicago, multiple Grammy nominee and acclaimed composer-trombonist Steve Wiest, renown woodwind artist Art Bouton on the bari sax and Sly5th Ave from Prince and The New Power Generation on tenor.

To fuel, propel and power such a mixture of stellar virtuosos the rhythm section is anchored by the former Musical Director for Maynard Ferguson and drumset artist with Doc Severinsen Stockton Helbing, including multiple Juno-winning Canadian guitarist Ryan Davidson, Eric Gunnison–former pianist with Carman McRae and The Dizzy Gillespie All Stars, with prolific producer/composer Gerald Stockton on bass.

At the center is Wiest’s compositions and originals. Wiest and Dodd team up in the lyric writing department while Wiest composes the music in a manner true to the group’s heritage. Each arrangement of well-known songs is reimagined, twisted and super-charged by the pen of Wiest.

These prolific all-stars create a unit that produces an incomparable groove that lives up to the band’s motto of “Rocked out incredibly funky jaw dropping ear candy.” 

With the release of their critically-acclaimed debut project “RED” and the accompanying eleven videos directed by Grammy®-winning cinematographer Andy LaViolette, Vinyl Hampdin has hit the ground running and is beginning to spread the good word of the modern jazz-informed rock horn band.  To hear and see all of their submissions via these videos go to

Hugo Award-winning author and frequent David Crosby collaborator Spider Robinson says“…if Blood Sweat & Tears or Chicago or Tower of Power or Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood Of Breath had spent every second of the last 40 or 50 years in constant improvement and musical and spiritual growth, they might sound this good by now. And maybe not.” This should explain why Vinyl Hampdin seeks the support of NARAS members this year in the following categories: Best Alternative Music Album (Vinyl Hampdin ”RED”) Best Rock Performance (Pay For It”), Best Arrangement With Vocal (“Use Me”), Best Improvised Jazz Solo Ray Herrmann “(Pay For It”),and Best Engineered Album (non-classical).  

“I was fascinated by the music of Vinyl Hampdin, not only did I giggle when I found out the play on the bands name ie. Lionel Hampton, I was astounded by the caliber of artistry and musicality of the blended genres.  This band should be on every jazz festival there is for the audience will go crazy with their musical interpretations for they are the perfect example that represents our NOT JUST JAZZ Movement” says Jaijai Jackson of the Jazz Network Worldwide.

Vinyl Hampdin has signed with Eric Cohen of the EC Music Agency and will be looking for touring opportunities that will give their band a chance to share its unique retro-minded, never stuck on nostalgia, classic cherished style and making it a socially and sonicly relevant and necessary part of the world today.

Be sure to check out their new website to purchase and learn more.



Featured this week on The Jazz Network Worldwide: The Right Stuff Band New CD Release “Orlando Fandango” and launches new website.

The Right Stuff plays a wide variety of classic and modern jazz along with upbeat blues, latin, funk, pop and originals on their new CD “Orlando Fandango” complimented by a brand new website. Check out the feature at

Featured this week on The Jazz Network Worldwide: The Right Stuff Band New CD Release “Orlando Fand…
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Celebrated LasVegas Jazz musician Uli Geissendoerfer breathes new life into Vegas’ music scene, honoring the past and fostering the future.

Uli Geissendoerfer, director of UNLV’s Downbeat Award-winning Latin Jazz Ensemble, curator of the Jazz Club at the Dispensary and this week’s featured artist on The Jazz Network Worldwide, seeks to unite the unique voice of Vegas musicians under one hub of creativity: Vegas Records. Three albums crest the musical wave:

Geissendoerfer’s seventh album as a leader, Long Way Home features the house trio of the Jazz Club at the Dispensary Lounge, now going on eight years. Backed by Angelo Stokes (drums) and Dave Ostrem (bass), Geissendoerfer offers an eclectic collection of originals, paired with clever spins on three Beatles classics and bouncing yet brooding Latin infused You and the Night and the Music.  This album has been submitted in three categories in the upcoming Grammy season: Best Jazz Album, Best Original Song (“Long Way Home”), and Best Arrangement (“Here comes The Sun”).

Beregovski Suite, a collaboration between Geissendoerfer and klezmer violinist Alicia Svigals. The pair, with the help of Iliya Magalnyk (accordion) and Vanderlei Pereira (pandeiro) recreate the Jewish melodies compiled by Moshe Beregovski from the late 1920’s to mid 1940’s. His long last wax cylinders offer insight into a cultural world lost, and Geissendoerfer and Svigals re-imagine them for the 21st century.  This album has also been submitted in Best World Music album category in the upcoming Grammy season.

Fascinating Rhythm & Latin Journey IV is the latest addition to the award-winning creative canon of the UNLV School of Music’s Division of Jazz Studies.  A two-disc compilation featuring the music of undergraduate and graduate students who, in 2018 alone, collectively won six Downbeat Student Music Awards! Featured guest artist are San Diego stalwart Gilbert Castellanos on trumpet and the inimitable Laura Taylor on vocals. Both recording artists with a litany of albums give extra sheen to the Big Band set. UNLV Jazz Ensemble I on CD 1 and Latin Jazz Ensemble on CD 2 are augmented by our program’s other ensembles: Monterey New Genration 2018 winners, The Honors trio along with The UNLV Honors Quartet, Contemporary Ensemble, the Estella Yun Electric Band, and a solo piano track by Patrick Hogan.

Vegas Records is currently building out the spring and summer 2019 touring schedule for the international festival marketplace for the Uli Geissendoerfer and the Beregovski Suite.

These three albums perfectly encapsulate the theme at the heart of Vegas Records’ mission statement: a marriage of past, present and future in the pursuit of creative music in Las Vegas.











Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: Legendary guitarist North “2unes” Woodall with his new CD ‘Between The Lobes’ and a sneak peek “Ain’t No Woman Like The One I Got” from the upcoming CD “Feel Good All Over” Early 2019

Popular guitarist North “2unes” Woodall brings his powerhouse musicality on ‘BETWEEN THE LOBES” on an instrumental version of “Happy” and new single “Ain’t No Woman Like The One I Got”, a blend of old school R&B and smooth jazz.

North “2unes” Woodall is a self-taught musician who’s music moves ones soul and fills a heart with the kind of joy that only good music can bring. Having studied the styles of Ernie Isley, Santana, and Joe Walsh, among other R&B, funk, rock, and pop music artists. There is no wonder that with his hard work and determination, resulting in a music catalogue of musicality that will become evergreen. ‘Between the Lobes’ is just another extension of the myriad of styles “2unes” where he bridges the generation gap with his unique music blend of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop.

North became a staple on the Atlanta music scene upon relocating there sharing the stages with funk masters Lakeside, The Ohio Players, Roger Troutman and Zapp, Roy Ayers, Millie Jackson, Tom Browne, Will Downing, Jasmine Gant, Ryan Kilgore, Lin Roundtree, Gerald Veasley and opened up for Brian McKnight. He is highly entertaining with his tight arrangements, banging guitar solos and signature licks. His exceptional proficiency with the guitar quickly established appearances in venues from the Ritz Carlton to Wind-Down Wednesdays at Centennial Park.

“I work for the listener and my music is designed for them. It is important to me that I give them what they want.” Woodall went on to say that he defines his musical style as being like a gumbo. “I can’t be put into a box musically. I’m not one thing, but many things bringing people together from all sides of the music spectrum.”

“Ain’t No Woman Like The One I Got” is a sneak peek to “2unes” upcoming CD project entitled “ Feel Good All Over”, anticipated early 2019.

“I found myself rockin’ in my chair upon listening to “2unes” music. It’s feel good music that makes you want to get up and dance and flow with his easy grooves and funky vibe” says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide’s NOT JUST JAZZ Movement.

North has recently teamed up with Eric Cohen of EC Music Agency, and looks forward to a fruitful association allowing for his music to be heard worldwide from all types of events from festivals, concerts, special events, fundraisers and community events.

A full radio campaign will begin in October through the services of Allen Kepler of the Smooth Jazz Network along with IHeart radio and currently in motion on forty stations with Doug Sinclair of Smooth Jazz Florida on these latest releases.

To purchase and learn more about upcoming events for North ‘2unes’ Woodall, visit his official website at




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Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: Legendary guitarist North “2unes” Woodall with his new CD ‘Between The Lobes’ and a sneak peek “Ain’t No Woman Like The One I Got” from the upcoming CD “Feel Good All Over” Early 2019

Popular guitarist North “2unes” Woodall brings his powerhouse musicality on ‘BETWEEN THE LOBES” on an instrumental version of “Happy” and new single “Ain’t No Woman Like The One I Got”, a blend of old school R&B and smooth jazz. Check out the feature

Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: Legendary guitarist North “2unes” Woodall with his…

Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide:  Jazz Radio Veteran Eric Cohen launches EC Music Agency and a new website promoting contemporary artists of today.

Eric Cohen of EC Music agency spearheads the vision granting established independent artists the opportunity where their artistry is given a voice.

Having been a radio personality and award-winning music director for 25 years, Cohen enjoyed the opportunity to work with radio promoters and artists, in addition to hosting many festivals and special events from concert halls to intimate venues. Embarking on an exciting new chapter seemed to be the natural progression of his longtime dream.  This new quest allows for continued work with established artists, as well as those who are trying to get their music heard for the first time in a live setting and to get them discovered worldwide.  Eric has a vast network of resources and plans on tapping those resources to produce results for his clients.

Some of Eric’s clients include Harry Allen, Giacomo Gates, Bob Holz, Ronnie Leigh, Nicki Parrott and Hilary Scott with new acts being added as EC Music Agency grows.

“Let me carve out a distinctive niche for you in the music industry….maintaining a reputation for putting the interests of my artists above all else.  Effort plus hard work will lead to RESULTS!  An opportunity to expand your brand in ways you never thought possible” says Cohen.

Outside of being a radio personality and Music Director, Eric Cohen is known for hosting festivals, special events, fundraisers and the like etching his signature voice coupled with pumping up a crowd, to creating the excitement for the musical presentations he hosts.  This too will be a part of the business offerings of the EC Music Agency.

“Having done radio myself, I particularly enjoyed working with Eric Cohen to brand the scope of what was EC Music Agency’s mission statement.  I was impressed with the way Eric shared his vision and how I captured it in physical form through the design of his website.  I just had to support and feature this quest with the knowledge that it only takes one voice to stir up a pot.  Eric is just that person equipped for the call to spearhead light for his clients and give a voice to their artistry”, says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

Be sure to come by and visit EC Music Agency’s new website at and connect with Eric for your next festival or event. In addition, stop by The Jazz Network Worldwide http://www.thejazznetworkworldwide.comto check out the feature!


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Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide:  Jazz Radio Veteran Eric Cohen launches EC Music Agency and new website promoting contemporary artists of today.

Eric Cohen of EC Music agency spearheads the vision granting established independent artists the opportunity where their artistry is given a voice.

Having been a radio personality and award winning music director for 25 years, Cohen enjoyed the opportunity to work with radio promoters and artists, in addition to hosting many festivals and special events from concert halls to intimate venues. Embarking on an exciting new chapter seemed to be the natural progression to his longtime dream.  This new quest, allows for continued work with established artists, as well as those who are trying to get their music heard for the first time in a live setting and to get them discovered worldwide.  Eric has a vast network of resources and plans on tapping those resources to produce results for his clients.

Some of Eric’s clients include: Harry Allen, Giacomo Gates, Bob Holz, Ronnie Leigh, Nicki Parrott and Hilary Scott with new acts being added as EC Music Agency grows.

“Let me carve out a distinctive niche for you in the music industry….maintaining a reputation for putting the interests of my artists above all else.  Effort plus hard work will lead to RESULTS!  An opportunity to expand your brand in ways you never thought possible” says Cohen.

Outside of being a radio personality and Music Director, Eric Cohen is known for hosting festivals, special events, fundraisers and the like etching his signature voice coupled with pumping up a crowd, to creating the excitement for the musical presentations he hosts.  This too will be a part of the business offerings of the EC Music Agency.

“Having done radio myself, I particularly enjoyed working with Eric Cohen to brand the scope of what was EC Music Agency’s mission statement.  I was impressed with the way Eric shared his vision and how I captured it in physical form through the design of his website.  I just had to support and feature this quest with the knowledge that it only takes one voice to stir up a pot.  Eric is just that person equipped for the call to spearhead light for his clients and give a voice to their artistry”, says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

Be sure to come by and visit EC Music Agency’s new website at and connect with Eric for your next festival or event.  In addition, stop by The Jazz Network Worldwide at to enjoy the EC Music Agency feature.




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Objet : Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: The Jazz Generation with their CD “Aurora”.
Dynamic, Sultry Voice & Songwriter
Creative, Innovative, Experienced, Respected MusiciansSuzanne Brooks ~ Vocals/bandleaderChristopher Lee ~ Keyboard
Jim Wendt ~ Bass
Dave Peters ~ Drums
Michael Otwell ~ Sax/Flute“Suzanne was wonderful; amazing job singing. Enjoyed everything. Thank you, Suzanne.””: Wow! If I could choose someone to be at my bedside when I make my transition; please let it be Ms. Brooks . .”Monique Jefferson: “A smooth ride. The music is just what the doctor ordered for soothing the soul and riding around town.After nearly a year apart on other projects, The Jazz Generation is back and now booking gigs, inviting new audiences to discover a fine jazz singer and old fans to reconnect with a great band. TJG gives new meaning to familiar lyrics and turns old favorites into fresh experiences. Their classy brand of jazz builds new bridges between generations. With her smooth, mature and trained voice delivering sultry and sophisticated jazz vocals, Brooks also offers passionate, moving Gospel, a vast repertoire of familiar and less well-known jazz covers and standards, R&B, Latin, pop and a little country in her own style and arrangements and, of course, her own originals.The Jazz Generation musicians—Chris Lee, piano/keyboard; Jim Wendt, bass; Dave Peters, drums; Michael Otwell, sax/flute—are superb improvisators, close knit instrumentalists and exceptional accompanists for their grateful vocalist, from years together. TJG offers a positive experience from a diversified group that swings, has fun and moves smoothly from one genre or decade of music to another. The Jazz Generation formed in 2003 but each member has more years of experience. The group is popular for themes based on periods, from 1890 to 1990 and for concerts and stage shows including “Great Women of Jazz.”The Jazz Generation collaborates with Sergio Ortuño, master Candombe drummer in Uruguay, SA. Eight CDs are on sale at; others online at https://womenworldculture in the store. Past venues are “Taste of the Bay” (St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco); Harlem Theater, New York; Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC; and corporations—Fisher Investments, RC Willey, Fulton Avenue Business Association, Gaffers Film Festivals (Sacramento & LA), local hotels. Individual venues: Monterey Jazz Festival, CSUS Latin Jazz Ensemble, India, South Africa. TJG performs as vocalist plus 1 to 4 musicians in diverse venues and original shows.
Click Here to enjoy the video presentation of ‘Aurora’ by The Jazz Generation
CLICK HERE FOR THE JAZZ GENERATION OFFICIAL WEBSITEContact: The Jazz Generation, Sacramento, CATelephone: +1-916-483-9804Email:


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Feature This Week: Trumpeter/Composer/Singer Jamie Younkin ~ New release “Did It Anyway”

Featured this week on The Jazz Network Worldwide: Trumpeter, Composer, Vocalist Jamie Younkin with her new release “Did It Anyway”.

Jamie Younkin’s new release “Did It Anyway” is her answer to the question of what is the ultimate meaning in music.

Jamie’s musical tastes developed organically through exploration and an extensive education in music.  She has deep roots in country music, classical music and jazz and holds a Bachelor’s degree in music education from the University of Mary, Bismarck, ND, a Master’s degree in Musicology from Florida State University, and a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of Toronto.

Jamie’s career was committed to teaching and inspiring college students. She conducted orchestras, bands and choirs, directed jazz big bands and delighted in the success of her students. Outside of her educational roles, however, she still felt a voice was missing. Her search for that voice has become the driving force behind her solo career in performance and in the composition of “Did It Anyway”.  The musicians on the project are Jamie Younkin – Voice/Trumpet/Composer, Paul Tardif – Piano, Chris Cortez – Guitar, Chuck Archard – Bass and Marc Clermont – Drums.

“Sultry vocals, tight harmonies, if you like Diana Krall, Peggy Lee and Joni Mitchell, Jamie Younkin is for you!” ~ Brevard Live magazine, July 2018

“Love the opening of “When I Fall In Love” soft tender vocals as well as the fluid sound she blows into her trumpet that expresses Younkin’s interpretation of this evergreen tune” says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

Younkin is deeply grateful for her teachers throughout the years and the love of her family and friends. Through these people she found the answer to her original question: the ultimate meaning in music is love, hence “Did It Anyway”.

With a strong radio campaign in motion and the outreach to the jazz marketplace, Jamie seeks to connect with festivals worldwide not only where she can perform selections from “Did It Anyway”, but also offer her educational background through festivals that have an educational component.

“There is something transformative about stepping out as a musician with your first album.  It is a risky business.  But before it is ever a business it is a vocation and the voice in your heart will never stay quiet, never stop calling.  I know it’s crazy.  It might be ill-timed and it is definitely unwise, but…I did it anyway.” ~ Jamie Younkin

To purchase “Did It Anyway” and to learn more visit Be sure to check the feature on The Jazz Network Worldwide at 



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Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: Multi-Genre Recording artist Katherine “Kool Kat” Farnham with her new single “People, A Tribute to Barbra Streisand” featuring two-time Grammy Nominee saxophonist Mindi Abair.

Farnham turns Streisand’s beloved hit into a moving and lush jazz ballad, complete with world-class musicians, a full string orchestra and herself on piano and vocals on her new single “People, A Tribute to Barbra Streisand”. Come and enjoy her artistry

Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: Multi-Genre Recording artist Katherine “Kool Kat” …
PHILIPPE PETIT – Pianist/Organist 

Born in Bordeaux, France, Philippe Petit established himself in Paris in 1977 and worked for the Barclay Studios (now Universal) as a pianist and composer. In 1980, he met the saxophonist Francis Bourrec with whom he played until 1987 in clubs and festivals (Jazz aux Ulis, Printemps de Bourges and Salon de la Musique amongst others.) 

A sought-after accompanist, Philippe performed with various singers both in France and abroad, and was a special guest at the Memphis in May Festival in Memphis, Tennessee (USA). He has also accompanied respected American soloists such as Arnett Cobb, Bud Shank, Benny Bailey and French artists such as Sylvain Beuf and Jean- Claude Fohrenbach. 

In the 90’s, Philippe Petit developed an interest in the Hammond Organ, and was initially influenced by musicians such as Jimmy Smith and Mel Rhyne (organist of guitarist Wes Montgomery). The discovery of an instrument with so many stylistic possibilities allowed Philippe to explore a huge range of styles, from traditional swing and bebop, to blues, rock and jazz fusion. Sharing the stage with varied artists such as Scott Hamilton, Eric Alexander, Houston Person, Sophia Nelson, Hervé Meschinet, André Villeger, Christian Escoude, Marc Fosset, Marcel Azzola, Rhoda Scott and Dany Doriz, Philippe has developed his own personal style and is now considered one of the top specialists of the Hammond Organ in France. 

Having a penchant for combining adventure and music, Philippe has toured extensively throughout Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. His passion for sharing music has led him to far off places such as the Himalayas and the Amazonian forest. In 2012, he was featured in the documentary “Venez Jouer Là” which followed the Venezuelan tour of the “Equatorial Jazz Groove” group, The Jazz Runners.

Over the years, Philippe has collaborated on numerous projects and recordings, both as sideman, composer and arranger. He currently tours with renowned vibraphonist Dany Doriz, (also owner of the famous Parisian jazz club Le Caveau de La Huchette, featured in the 2016 film La La Land) 

Other organ projects include the “Men in Bop” Quartet with Olivier Defays (sax tenor), Philippe Chagne (tenor sax) and Yves Nahon (drums), the LSP Trio with Sylvain Sourdeix (soprano sax) and Jean-Luc Lopez (drums). 

Recent recordings find Philippe back on the piano with long-time comrades Eric Dervieu (drums) and Pierre Maingourd (double bass), and include a collaboration with Australian singer & tap dancer Wendy Lee Taylor: “Remembering Fred Astaire” as well as “A beautiful Friendship” (Release June 2018), an album resulting in the trio’s spontaneous decision to go into the recording studio after more than 25 years of live performance together. 

Philippe Petit is one of France’s most respected masters of the Hammond organ & pianist. First influenced by organists Jimmy Smith and Mel Rhyne, who played with Wes Montgomery, he progressively developed his own funky and jazzy style and a unique sound: rich, percussive, fast, accurate and always full of energy and swing. 

Official Website of Philippe Petit


SounDoctrine: HERMENEUTICS – Original Track from ‘Endurance’

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Objet : Featured This Week: Pianist, Educator Pete Malinverni with his new release “HEAVEN”

Pianist, composer, educator Pete Malinverni has been a fixture on the New York City Jazz scene since moving there in the early 1980s from his hometown of Niagara Falls, NY, where he’d begun Classical Piano studies at the tender age of six.Since moving to NYC, Pete has recorded fourteen times as a leader, including in solo piano, trio, quartet, quintet, big band and choral contexts. All his recordings have been received by critics and the public alike and have seen heavy airplay on all platforms, from the radio to the internet.Throughout his time in NYC, Pete has established performing, recording and inspirational contact with a host of masters on the scene there, including Joe Lovano, Vernel Fournier, Charles Davis, Mel Lewis, Dennis Irwin, Jon Faddis, Karrin Allyson, Steve Wilson and many, many others. These collaborations have happened in studios and on stages like the Carnegie Recital Hall, the Caramoor Festival, the Piccolo Spoleto Festival, the Rome Music and Image Festival, the Santiago (Chile) Jazz Festival and others, as well as in New York’s great clubs, such as the Village Vanguard, Birdland, the Blue Note, the Village Gate, Bradley’s, Smalls and Mezzrow.These experiences, along with his work in inspirational settings such as the Devoe Street Baptist Church in Brooklyn (Minister of Music), the Westchester Reform Temple in Scarsdale, NY (Pianist and Conductor) and the Pound Ridge Community Church (Director of Music), have convinced him that music must be treated as a sacred gift, to be passed on freely to fellow musicians and listeners, with passionate control.Pete is proud of his work in education, too. After tenures at William Paterson University and New York University, he now serves as Head of Jazz Studies at the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College, State University of New York, just a few miles north of the City.JAZZ TIMES Magazine, Thomas Conrad “Pete Malinverni’s less-is-more approach and his emotional honesty reach deeper…revelatory…”DOWN BEAT **** Four Stars, Paul de Barros —One of the “Best Jazz Albums of the Year””Pete Malinverni doesn’t seem capable of playing a dishonest line.”ALL ABOUT JAZZ, Dan McClenaghan “Music full of inspired flexibility…joyous and uplifting exuberance…a gorgeous set.””It’s a great honor to be featured on Jaijai Jackson’s jazznetworkworldwide. Jazz, at its best is, as we like to say, a universal language, speaking to the innermost parts of us — in joy, sadness and all the wistfulness in between — so I appreciate the opportunity to get my little voice out to people all over the world” ~ Pete Malinverni



Featured artist this week on The Jazz Network Worldwide: Colin Whitby – creator of culturally diverse ‘hybrid’ music, releases his new CD “Synchronicity”.The title of the album Synchronicity is an indirect, playful reference to the ‘unexpected’ meeting of diverse genres and instrumentation encountered in each of the seven tracks, and specifically to their potential use for sync in film projects and more.Colin Whitby has worked in various capacities in the creative industries including film production and has been working with audio production and music creation software for close to eighteen years, culminating in the creation of his distinct ‘hybrid’ compositions. Apart from pure listening pleasure, these seven tracks were created with “music sync” in mind with a wide variety of musical influences, from Classical to Jazz, Funk, Dub, Industrial, traditional Ethnic, Ambient and Experimental/Systems music. Psychology also plays a part and creatively, the work of Swiss analytical psychologist Carl Jung is an important inspiration to Whitby, who is also a visual artist. Whitby does not restrict his musical choices by following a strict concept; rather he finds himself naturally inclined to a non-hierarchic eclectic field of musical directions. His nuanced ‘hybrid’ compositions are informed by a musicological interest as well as passion and flair for music composition.But while he is creatively multivalent, music has been a mainstay, with the trumpet being his traditional instrument. There were influential periods of experimenting with recording incidental sounds of the city, and in nature, that had earlier fed ideas of music concrete, now discernible in such tracks as Off the Rails. Percussion has been the natural medium, using a full drum kit, between periods of painting and object-making, in his East London studio.The hybrid genres of the seven tracks are like distillations or ‘time capsules’ of “world” music. And, is it coincidence or not that Whitby hails from the historical port city of Liverpool, England? Centuries ago, English seafarers would have reached the ancient ports of the Nusantara, now modern day Southeast Asia, where Whitby currently resides. All seems to be rather in “sync”, in that meaning has come about via unforeseen connections!“The seven tracks were created with “music sync” in mind. The title of the album Synchronicity is a play on the word “sync” as in potential synchronization with film projects and other media. It also kind of refers to the ‘unexpected’ meeting or surprising co-existence, if you like, of disparate and diverse genres and instrumentation in a ‘shared space’. I wanted to create nuances, shifting grounds, unexpected juxtapositions that keep the listener guessing. Each track came about naturally from personal experiences and choices made from a wide field of musical interests I had developed over the years.  The end result, the album as a whole, I think is a landscape of diverse sounds, a kind of confluence of styles and genres. Each track is a small ‘window’ onto a ‘soundscape’ coming out of a disparate range of instruments. They variously refer to the timeless classical past and contemporary eras of the West, to tribal/ethnic chants, to tonal shapes and structures that point to the more ‘futuristic’ allusions of minimalist Systems Music. Each track holds subliminal ‘cinematic memories’ or ‘themes’ inspired by film moments, perhaps continuing in the tradition of “Music for Films” (Eno) and “Pictures in an Exhibition” (Mussorgsky).” ~ Colin Whitby“Synchronicity” is available at Be sure to check out Colin’s cool new website at to purchase and learn more. Swing by The Jazz Network Worldwide to enjoy the feature of“Synchronicity” at
Click here to enjoy the video presentation of STOMP by Colin Whitby


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Objet : Featured this week: Ken Greves with his CD, Vintage & Rare: The Songs of Harold Arlen Volume Two

Featured this week on The Jazz Network Worldwide: Ken Greves with his critically acclaimed CD, Vintage & Rare: The Songs of Harold Arlen Volume Two.

Having worked with award-winning composers of the Great American Songbook, Ken is a specialist in the music of Harold Arlen. He explores the many facets of Arlen’s extraordinary contributions to the Songbook. His deep connection to Arlen is profoundly evident on, Vintage & Rare: The Songs of Harold Arlen Volume Two which is set to be released on June 12, 2018.

You can see Ken’s live performance of Arlen’s songs from the CD on June 12, 2018, starting at 7:00 pm EST on
and in three parts on

Part 1: 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Part 2: 7:30 PM – 8:00 PM::
Part 3: 8:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Ken’s repertoire spans the Great American Songbook, including such legendary composers as Harold Arlen, George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, Harry Warren, Cole Porter, Vernon Duke, Richard Rodgers, and Stephen Sondheim; also performs great jazz composers such as Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington, Dave Frishberg, Sammy Cahn, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Alec Wilder. Another important influence is vocalist Judy Garland. “…she had an uncanny ability to musically shape a song while acting and telling a story,” remarked Ken.

He sang with the Barry Levitt Trio at Iridium and at Birdland with Jim Caruso’s Cast Party. Other top New York City venues where Ken performs his celebrated shows include Somethin’ Jazz, the Laurie Beechman Theatre and Café Noctambulo. Ken recently hosted, performed and produced a highly praised show at the renowned Joe’s Pub at the Public Theatre, NYC, benefiting the New Alternatives organization for homeless and at risk teens.

Ken’s theatrical history encompassed talent as a dancer, actor, and singer, performing in national companies of Singing in the Rain, played Billy Lawlor in 42nd Street and portrayed Luther Billis in South Pacific. His acting opposite Nancy Kulp in Busybody a highly- acclaimed English murder mystery comedy,
Having made his solo debut as a vocalist in Don’t Tell Mama with his hit program “Who the Hell is Harold Arlen?” “I found the jazz world stimulating in a very different way from my classical and theatrical roots,” remarked Ken.

Since Ken’s talent lends itself to so many variables of presentation and configurations that he looks to jazz clubs, nightclubs, cabarets, libraries, hotels, resorts, fundraisers, universities, embassies and corporate events to garner stages.
Ken’s last CD “Night People,” a sophisticated, hip concept album with Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett inspired influences from the ’50 and ‘60s.

In addition, his other highly praised CDs include: “Vintage & Rare: The Songs of Harold Arlen Volume One,” (Volume Two is to be released on June 12, 2018). His first CD, the romantic “The Face of My Love,” portrays the many facets of love with Ken singing in his most intimate quality. Ken recently recorded “So It’s Spring,” inspired along the style lines of Bill Evans and Tony Bennett.

He is currently working on two new shows: “A Collective Cy: The Music of Cy Coleman” and “Duke-ing It Out: The Songs of Vernon Duke and Duke Ellington.” Ken continues writing his own compositions that will be included in future shows and recordings.

To purchase and to learn more go to and be sure to check out the feature of Ken Greves “Vintage & Rare: The Songs of Harold Arlen Volume Two” on The Jazz Network Worldwide at





Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: Guitarist, dee Brown with his new CD “Remembering You”.

Innervision Records album Remembering You, pays homage to a very special woman in Brown’s life that will always be in his heart. The CD is comprised of emotionally driven tracks dedicated to Shaunia Edwards, an extraordinary woman who shared a treasured season of love before her transition to heaven in 2016. Go to thejazznetworkworldwide.comto learn more.


Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide is vocalist/educator Shelley Burns with her new CD “Accentuate” a tribute to Johnny Mercer.

Shelley Burns has been a fan of Johnny Mercer lyrics and has recorded some of her favorites with the signature style she is known for on her new CD project “Accentuate”, a tribute to Johnny Mercer.

The combination of Shelley Burns’ very individual vocal style and sound, her mesmerizing stage presence, the band’s easy virtuosity and a marvelously produced tribute to Johnny Mercer is a unique and thoroughly enjoyable undertaking.

“This project, engineered and mastered by David Houston, was recorded the old fashioned way. We five band members placed ourselves around one mic, did our best to get a good balance and went for it. It was fun and a bit scary. We recorded and listened back, if it was unacceptable, we did it over. If it was acceptable to all we kept the recording and moved on to the next song. So, while not perfect each song has the quality of a live recording minus the audience. I really like recording this way. It’s real, charming and wonderful”, says Burns.

The musicians on the project are: Tom Phillips (guitar and vocals) recorded five successful albums as a member of Redwing. Bill Dendle (guitar, banjo, trombone, vocals) has been entertaining audiences for many years. He spent many years performing at Disneyland and Disneyworld. Shelley Denny (bass) is everyone’s favorite bass player and trombonist. He was a member of the Stan Kenton Band and has backed up greats such as Frank Sinatra, Nancy Wilson, Henry Mancini, and Johnny Mathis. Ryan Coughran (clarinet, vocals) is a multi-instrumentalist and the newest member of the band.

As an avid educator herself, Shelley also finds the time to coordinate a MeetUp, Singing The Great American Songbook.  The event happens the 1st Sunday of each month from 6-9PM at the Three Penny Stage at 2509 R Street, Sacramento, CA. People in the community sign up and list two songs they wish to sing. Great fun and learning experience for the attendees.

“Drawing from a lifetime as a singer and performer, Shelley brings, not only her exquisite vocal technique to each lesson, but her detailed knowledge of a vast range of songs and styles. Her ability to recognize and help correct the slightest inaccuracies in even the most obscure song is remarkable” says student Trudy Currier.

“Shelley Burns is an outstanding jazz vocalist with a sound and style that stands out in color, depth and delivery. She has a smooth multi-layered tone that draws you into the music and story. Her fun and authentic personality immediately connects with the audience” says Glenn Boutte.

“I have had the most fun coordinating promotion for Shelley Burns, what an extraordinary being. She knows what she loves, stays forthright in her vision and executes her musical dance of voice, heart, expression with a dash of her comedic style. “Accentuate’ will take you to her warm and since tribute to Johnny Mercer. She is passionate about her gifts and I for one have learned something about tenacity from her guided spirit”, says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

Shelley is in the process of submitting to Jazz Festivals across the country and promoting her new CD “Accentuate” a tribute to Johnny Mercer.

To learn more and to purchase go to Shelley Burns official website.



For those of you that have been with The Jazz Network Worldwide throughout the years, you may remember our fellow-member Armsted Christian. Well two years ago today, he met his Maker… but what he did do was, leave us these words of encouragement from the center of his heart. He was a dear friend of our community and helped me fashion much of the educational efforts and I will forever be grateful for his input from the heart of his teaching heart/spirit. I want to share some of his words that came very soon before he left us…May you be blessed and may we do all we can to keep jazz and all its extensions of discovery alive. Stay in the light as Armsted would say.
Much love to all,
These are Armsted words to all of us…
The Human Heart is an amazing mechanism. It is crucial to our existence. I’m amazed at how an organ so small, can be so efficient. I marvel at how it can pump the fluid of life through our body and work under extreme circumstances. It is a phenomenal instrument of operation and sustainability.
The Human Spiritual/Emotional Heart, is also an amazing mechanism. It is both durable and yet vulnerable. Strong , yet fragile depending on the circumstances it is presented or challenged with in life, and love.
It too is crucial to our existence. Far too often , it is misunderstood and neglected. As I look at our world, I am reminded of a song that was recorded by Stevie Wonder many years ago,”Love’s In Need Of Love Today”. I can remember listening to this song with a tear hanging from my eyelash, threatening to fall to my cheek, because I understood the meaning of his encouragement, right to the core of my heart.
I see our world, our community, our homes in such need of love, not possessive love, or conditional love, but Divine love, which shows no favor, but is yielding to those who would embrace it, as if it were their spiritual blood, knowing it is essential to their existence.
Love is no respecter of person, for it unto itself, is a pure entity, and is not driven by greed, nor politics. Our world is suffering in every corner. If we are to truly experience the unselfishness of unconditional love, we must also embrace the idea of peace, for without peace, love cannot thrive. It will move from where it is residing to a place more suitable for it’s dwelling, for it is not a partner with confusion.
We can benefit from, but must embrace the philosophy of self love, not selfish love, for if we are not working to appreciate who we are in our being, how then can we expect others to appreciate who we are and how we relate to their being.
My prayer for today and has been for every day, is that we will do something to get closer to the essence of Divine Love, which is unselfish, yet all giving and multi layered. Our stay in this world, our life’s journey is so very unpredictable, even with all of the statistics that the medical community can gather, relating to age and longevity…we are all subject to an unexpected departure from this world as we know it, to places spoken of, but not really visited nor experienced by us.
Our faith is what gives us hope that there is a place that is our home, which is somewhere out there, in the heavens.
I consciously choose to examine my Spiritual/Emotional Heart, for it is where I feel the most connected to to both my being in the world, as well as being in the spiritual realm, which finds it’s dwelling in Faith and in Hope.
I pray sincerely for all who might read this expression of sincerity, from my Spiritual/Emotional Heart, that you will Love and Appreciate yourself, for the goodness that is within you, and that you will allow that goodness to be witnessed without fear, and go forward in your day to day living, embracing the beauty of life and encouraging the Spirit of Love to dwell within your Heart, without condition.
I will smile within my being today, so that I can feel the warmth of the Divine purpose, I am created to embrace as my own, and do my best not to invite the doubt, fear, nor anxiety of this world into my spirit, which may come in the form of others, who would distract me from my Divine purpose.
Be well and know that you are all beings of both the flesh and spirit. You all have the capacity for loving and being loved. You all have the responsibility to love yourself and appreciate the many blessings of life you have already been granted, among them….LOVE.
I encourage you in Peace. Stay in the Light.
Armsted Christian



There are only a few artists that have a signature sound that you can immediately identify. Jesse Campbell is one of those singers who is an international recording artist that sings heart-felt universal music with soul. He is a connector, with a strong determination to put his imprint on each song he sings. His fans are loyal, his dedication to his art is unprecedented, his passion for the music he brings forth has a spirit-filled intensity that permeates directly into the hearts of his audiences. Originality is his greatest attribute and his charismatic personality coupled with his courageous energy is a winning formula in today’s musical landscape. Jesse was invited to join the second season of the NBC hit reality show The Voice, where 40 million viewers got a glimpse of his electrifyingly euphoric vocal abilities and landing a spot on Christina Aguilera’s team.

He has recently released a few singles, “Can’t Live Without Your Love” which climbed the Urban AC Billboard charts at #27 as well as “Christmas Time Is Here” as a gift to his fans. His current single “Ain’t No Sunshine” is a “sneak peek” to his upcoming CD “Continuum”.

After signing a recording contract with Underworld/Capitol Records in 1994, he found himself moving away from his Gospel roots. His first single, When You Cry, was from his debut album Never Let You Go. Where is the Love from the movie soundtrack Dead Presidents became a smash hit that emerged to certified gold and sold over 500,000 copies.

His career continued to grow to perform on national television shows such as The Tonight Show and BET’s Video Soul. His artistry was now in demand in the international marketplace traveling to South and Central America, UK, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Asia, Russia, Belarus, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Italy, Denmark, Trinidad & Tobago and Mexico.

As time evolved, Jesse performed both live and in-studio with some of the most successful recording artists in the music industry and for world-renowned speakers.

In addition, corporations such as Time Warner, Universal, Comcast, Threat Matrix, Apple, Spirit, and McDonald’s reached for him to perform at their private events.

“Discovering the diversity of Jesse’s artistry made me immediately think of how his unique talent would lend itself to the wonderful phrasings, flavors, and colors of jazz,” says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

Jesse is celebrated as one of today’s most gifted singers, whose unique, captivating vocals continues to inspire people from all walks of life. He is devoted to his craft and his fans and continues to carve out his purposed steps catapulting him to a place where his dreams have become reality.  He is currently looking to perform at jazz festivals worldwide as well as high-end corporate events and fundraisers. Jesse is currently keeping up with a rigorous performance schedule and is also in the studio completing his current CD.




Ray Brown Jr Shines On New International Jazz Recording

SRI Jazz is proud present a new album by Ray Brown Jr, cementing his place as one of the leading jazz vocalists performing today. Called a cross between Billy Eckstein and Al Jarreau, Ray Brown Jr. is the heir – apparent to the title of the best smooth jazz vocalist of our time and is the “Featured Artist” on the label’s website

His new album is simply titled “This Is Ray Brown Jr .” , as it showcases this superb artist as he glides through thirteen creative renditions of classic jazz and blues songs combined with Ray’s warm and charming vocals making it this one of the best vocal jazz albums of the year.

Ray is one of those rare jou rneymen singers who, like his famous Mother (Ella Fitzgerald), is more at home performing than anywhere else. Most recently he has been working non – stop throughout Europe , Australia and the Ukraine ( where this album was recorded ) to sold out shows of adori ng audiences with a terrific band of talented musicians who are thrilled to be working with this amazing artist.

“ This Is Ray Brown Jr ” was recorded at Fonia Recording Studios, Lviv, Ukraine during March & August 2017 with engineer Yuriy Melnik . Ray’s band of veteran musicians included Yuriy Seredin on piano, Andrew Arnautoff on bass, Frank Parker on drums, Dimitry Kovalenko and Vlad DeBriansky (on loan from the American Music Academy) on guitars, Bogdan Humeniuk on saxophone and Andy Valentine on percussion.

“I’ve worked with some of the greatest names in Jazz and I’ve worked with Ray for many years and, as far as I’m concerned, this is Ray’s best work. This album is the culmination of the talents of Ray Brown Jr. and his years of non – stop perf orming. The man just keeps getting better as he is never satisfied and always wants to improve. This album ranks up there with his critically acclaimed SRI Jazz duets album, Friends And Family ”, stated Shelly Liebowitz, veteran producer and label President .

SRI Jazz, SRI Records and Flamingo Jazz are all part of SRI Label Group, celebrating twenty years of providing quality, collectible Blues, Jazz, Country and Rock & Roll from major artists past and present. As one of the first websites on the  internet to offer great new and collectible music, has established itself as a music pioneer on the internet. With industry veteran Shelly Liebowitz at the helm, SRI has strived to provide a standard of excellence in the world of music.

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“Evergreen” includes four seasonal songs that range from elegant and ethereal, to sensitive and powerful, with an overall theme of the staying power of love. Beginning with two secular holiday songs, title track ”Evergreen” and “Winter Wind” follow each other in a story of anticipation and longing. Third is a very wonder-filled, down-tempo “Angels We Have Heard on High,” leading into the last year’s favorite, the majestic “Little Babe.” This project is so unusual and beautiful, and again I credit my incredible collaboration with Aaron Zinsmeister, producer of all and co-writer on the title song “Evergreen,” for helping me bring it to life.Evergreen is a soft delivery of a whisper-type lyrical essence inspired with evergreen dreams of love. It has a motion-picture ambiance coupled with a pop-rock-folk ballad ensemble graced with a holiday backdrop of dreams coming true.Winter Wind encompasses celestial bells caressing lyrics of solitude and reflections of light, another selection of Pop-rock-style with strings and vocals.Angels We Have Heard On By gives off an angelic presence with soft prayer-like vocals, echoing joy with jazz piano licks sprinkling through a soulful rendition that exudes honor of the season and its reason that clearly inspires this heavenly song.Little Babe, is a song from a mothers heart, filled with loving lyrics, angelic strings, and vocals that are deeply rooted in a symphonic landscape filled with ethereal strings and African rhythms.  A beautiful blend of musical art forms.  ~ Jaijai  Jackson




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Bobby Sanabria
Some short video’s from an audience member Chino Dario Tapia Lopez of the Salsa Meets Jazz 4 Puerto Rico benefit for the musicians of PR this past Monday 10/23/17 at Le Poisson Rouge (formerly The Village Gate), NYC. Performing was my 21 piece Multiverse Big Band with guest soloists NEA Jazz Masters Paquito D’Rivera (clarinet), Jimmy Owens (trumpet), 96 year young Candido (congas), along with multi-instrumentalist David Amram, trumpeters Randy Brecker, Jon Faddis, Fania All Star Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner pianist Larry Harlow, Fania All Star conguero Eddie Montalvo, vocalists Antoinette Montague, Brenda Feliciano, Rachel Kara Perez, Gerardo Contino, poets Mariposa and Felipe Luciano. The concert was completely sold out, SRO. We raised 11.5K for the Jazz Foundation of America for the musicians of PR who are suffering the after affects of Irma and Maria. Thank you to the incredible guest artists and the equally incredible musicians of my big band who in a 1 hour and a 1/2 soundcheck/rehearsal got 12 big band charts together! And what can I say about the pubic who came, thank you for your support!
#lepoissonrouge #lpr #bigband #latinjazz #salsameetsjazz #salsameetsjazz4PR #multiversebigband #multiverse #bobbysanabria #nyc #thevillage #thevillagegate #paquitodrivera #randybrecker #jonfaddis #candido #jimmyowens #neajazzmaster #antoinettemontague #brendafeliciano #gerardocontino #rachelkaraperez #felipeluciano #eddiemontalvo #mariposa #salsa #jazz #benefit
Paquito D’ Rivera, Larry Harlow, Eddie Montalvo y Bobby Sanabria Big Band, concierto a beneficio de …
The solo album contains standards and originals tunes presented in two volumes. This album was recorded at Keoss studios inTel Aviv, Israel June 2017.


Dan Papirany is an adventurous Jazz pianist, composer who understands and follows the eloquent philosophy that is to play melodic phrases and rich harmonies. While studying jazz piano with Leigh Jackson in Wellington, Dan formed his first trio and played in local venues. While taking post graduate musicology courses at Victoria University in Wellington Dan was offered the position of Music HOD at a school in Auckland New Zealand teaching music curriculum based on Jazz. Dan formed his Auckland trio and performed at local venues including the famous London Bar and the Jazz Bar. Dan has also performed as a soloist on many bars and hotels in NZ. Dan’s trio recorded their debut album of jazz standards which was released by Ode Records in March of 2004 entitled “Session One” and was nominated for a New Zealand Music Award. “ Several album followed including a recent solo album.


Dan’s repertoire consists of originals and jazz standards, his music is the opposite of where the mainstream jazz sound is today, he finds that current sounds are always experimental and doesn’t try to follow these trends. In May 2016 Dan performed with his group two shows at EUROPAfest 2016 in Bucharest, and was invited to perform solo next year. Dan was on a panel of Judges in the 2017 international jazz competition in Romania, and was invited to return to judge next year.





Featured this week on The Jazz Network Worldwide:  Vocalist, Grace “Gigi” Smitherman debuting her original single “This Doesn’t Feel Like Love”.

Grace “Gigi” Smitherman is becoming among contemporary music’s most stylish and sultry vocalists; while often-blending R&B and Jazz in her new original single “This Doesn’t Feel Like Love”.

Formally known as “Gigi” ~ “The lady with the fan” for she always has a beautiful handmade fan adorning her performances.  Her female fans are known as her “fanistas”.  Her cool, sensual singing style is geared toward the ‘senior set’ as her performances are reminiscent of days gone by when jazz standards were held in high regard in the music community. Gigi’s style and elegance upon the stage exudes confidence and reverence for a style of music that tells a story, from upbeat tempos to sensuous ballads. She developed her unique vocal and writing style through the influences of: Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Sarah Vaughn and Phyllis Hyman.

Gigi began singing again after a hiatus of running a large corporation in New Orleans and decided to get back on stage and allow the songs in her heart to be written and heard.   Her performances are geared toward the contemporary senior community that loves to reminisce through legendary jazz music.  In 2012, she took the jazz community in Lake Charles, Louisiana by storm.

Her writing style captures the imagination of the listener with a rich, full-bodied sound that soothes, delights and seduces her audience. A fan recently commented of Gigi: “Smooth as fine wine, she graces the stage with style and glamour along with adding a little sass to her performance.”

“I remember the day when Gigi reached out to me for promotion, she shared with me that she had accomplished much in her life and felt that the music that ran through her veins was going to have a platform.  She noted that her age was not going to stop her from enjoying her God-given talents.  She wanted to relate not only to a new audience but to give the “sophisticated audience” a place to listen to the jazz standards they know and love” says Jaijai Jackson of the Jazz Network Worldwide.

Gigi’s focus is to continue to compose original songs and to breathe life into the love of music she has in her heart.  “This Doesn’t Feel Like Love” is just the beginning of the musical offerings being originated by this sassy chanteuse.  The mature audience setting is where she thrives, with a purpose that no matter how old you are, you can enjoy America’s musical art form and have fun remembering just how nostalgic life can be through the musical presentations by “The Lady With The Fan”.  Gigi seeks to perform for jazz societies, upscale fundraisers, senior communities and philanthropic events that support health, wellness and spiritual growth and is currently writing for her upcoming CD due early 2018.

Be sure to catch “Gigi’s” feature on The Jazz Network Worldwide this week at To learn visit Gigi’s new website at

Click here to visit the official “Gigi’s” Jazz Website



Jazz great, former Oscar Peterson drummer Alvin Queen, denied entry into USA.

Mount Vernon, New York native Alvin Queen was recently notified that U.S. Homeland Security will not allow him to enter the United States to perform at a prestigioius, long-planned concert in Washington.

Mr. Queen, the former drummer for Oscar Peterson, whose career includes memorable collaborations with a veritable who’s who of music royalty, including Nina Simone, Horace Silver, George Benson, Ruth Brown, Buddy DeFranco, Wynton Marsalis, Billy Taylor, Wild Bill Davis, George Coleman, George Braith, Larry Young, Harry Sweets Edison and Johnny Griffin, was set to perform at a concert in Washington, DC on November 15th, 2017, at the behest of The French-American Cultural Foundation.

The evening, entitled “JAZZ MEETS FRANCE,” has Wynton Marsalis as its Honorary Chairman, and Dr. David Skorton , Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution , is Master of Ceremonies. The event marks the centenary of the US entry into WWI and specifically honors the Harlem Hellfighters . Ironically, these were the African-American soldiers who served in WWI, and who introduced jazz music to France and the rest of Europe, yet whom were never officially honored, until now.

Mr. Queen, who has held a Swiss passport for thirty years, was informed this week that, due to a run-in with the law as a youth, a half century ago, while a minor, he would have to apply for a Waiver from the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security, despite the fact he was born in the USA. This would take months, making it virtually impossible to participate, barring Presidential decree, and we know that’s unlikely. But this is not “fake news.”

“Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me one bit,” comments Mr. Queen, 67, from his home in Geneva. “I’ve spent months preparing for this concert. Dozens of others are also implicated in its planning. Funny thing, I gave up my U.S. passport to make life simpler at tax time. I never dreamed I would one day be denied entry, and with such ridiculous reasoning. I am frankly disgusted to be disrespected in this way, after a half century devoted to music.”

Mr. Queen, who until 2016 held dual citizenship with the United States and Switzerland, has previously worked numerous times for the US State Department as a Cultural Ambassador, and participated in numerous tours of Brazil, Africa and Japan. Queen also performed at the American International Jazz Day in Paris several years ago.

Mr. Queen has held a U.S. passport, and regularly worked under the auspices of the American government, for over fifty years of his life. Like many citizens, he’s had brushes with the law, but these have never impeded his ability to enter and exit his native country. A one-time DWI charge and a minor drug offense both resulted in not guilty charges.

For this occasion, the US State Dept had only to apply for an “O1B Work Visa” in order for Mr Queen to enter in the United States. This was done correctly, but after the process was completed, fingerprints matching a 1967 FBI file were dredged up and presented as a reason to prevent him from entering the USA. So now we can see that the infamous “travel ban” is not limited to citizens of Sudan, Syria, and Iran. It extends to a then 16-year-old drummer who once sat in with John Coltrane.

How can you process someone fifty years later for charges that occurred when they were a youth, a mere child? And why punish this now acclaimed adult, a leading light on the international jazz scene, who is now 67 years old? He obviously forged a path and created a fabulous life for himself. Adds Queen, “I feel this is more about racial profiling than anything. It’s all about trying to control everyone. I am not a criminal and in fact never was. When I became a Swiss citizen, I “became a criminal” again in the eyes of US law enforcement. If I was undesirable fifty years ago, why have I been issued a fresh passport every ten years for the past six decades?” Indeed, this is the question.

For now, those wanting to experience Alvin Queen’s jazz mastery will need to follow him to Montreal, Canada, where he is set to give a master class with pianist Wray Downes on Friday, Nov 3rd at 1:00 pm (free and open to the public) at Concordia University and then a full concert with his trio the following evening, at Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill , on Saturday, Nov 4th, for two sets, at 7:30 and 9:45 pm.

Queen has the last word. “If someone wants to apologize to me and make this right, fine. But I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, I’ll bring my music, this American art form, to every other country in the world. I know they like me in Canada. I’ll start there.”

This coming week Alvin will be featured on The Jazz Network Worldwide with a sneak peek of two singles from his CD re-issues of “Mighty Long Way” and “I Ain’t Looking’ At You” slated for late fall 2017.

The official website for Alvin Queen is to learn more about his current engagements and all things Alvin.

Mr Queen is available for interviews relating to this story.

Visit the Official Alvin Queen Website

Singles will be available soon on CDBaby!
Enjoy the Sneak Peek!


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Jaijai Jackson

Featured this week on The Jazz Network Worldwide: Jazz great, former Oscar Peterson drummer Alvin Queen, denied entry into USA.

Mount Vernon, New York native Alvin Queen was recently notified that U.S. Homeland Security will not allow him to enter the United States to perform at a prestigioius, long-planned concert in Washington. Be sure to come by and check it out!


Terry Gibbs began his career at the age of 12 after winning the Major Bowes Amateur Hour Contest and subsequently began touring professionally. He spent many years as a drummer and percussionist playing gigs until his affinity for bebop motivated him to turn down a scholarship to Julliard as a timpanist and return to the vibes. Six decades of inspirational vibe playing and technique, Gibbs is recognized as one of the best ever to grace the genre of bop.
After World War II, Gibbs toured with Chubby Jackson, Buddy Rich and Woody Herman. He co-led a sextet with Louie Bellson and Charlie Shavers; and in 1950, he formed his own band for Mel Torme’s TV show. In 1951, he joined the Benny Goodman Sextet. Subsequently, he toured with his own quartet where he won acclaim as “# 1 Vibraphonist in the world,” in both the down beat and Metronome polls from 1950 to 1955. Gibbs also played a role in breaking down the sex barrier in music, using pianists Terry Pollard, who he often featured in vibe duos, Pat Moran, and Alice McLeod, who later married John Coltrane.
Settling in Los Angeles in 1957, he formed his big band known as “The Dream Band” in 1959. Comprising top notch LA talent such as Mel Lewis, Joe Maini, Frank Rosolino, Conte Candoli and Richie Kamuca, the band was named “Best Band in the World” in the Downbeat ’62 Critic’s Poll.
Gibbs returned to New York in the early sixties only to move back to LA to take a position as Music Director for the Regis Philbin Show. This gave him the opportunity to compose the music and conduct a sextet. He later served as Music Director/Composer for the ABC TV show, Operation Entertainment and for Steve Allen, building a substantial ASCAP rating. Gibbs also taught Steve Allen to play the vibes.

Gibbs, throughout his illustrious career has enjoyed world acclaim playing with greats such as clarinetist Buddy DeFranco, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Horace Silver, Max Roach, Art Blakely, Elvin Jones and Tito Puente. Co-leading a quintet, he had an unprecedented nomination in four categories of the Playboy Jazz Poll: Best Vibraphonist, Best Quartet, Best Big Band and Best Band Leader. His association with DeFranco spanned 18 years.

“92 Years Young.” Sometimes that’s an exaggeration. On the other hand, when applied to vibraphonist Terry Gibbs it may well be an understatement. Gibbs was indeed a mere six months shy of his ninety-second birthday when “Jammin’ at the Gibbs House” was recorded in his living room in April 2016. Close your eyes, however, and it’s the 1940s again, and Gibbs is jammin’ with Woody Herman‘s Second Herd, or the ’50s, and he’s presiding over his high-powered Dream Band in Los Angeles. In other words, as people often reassure nonagenarians, he “hasn’t changed a bit.” In this case, however, it’s more truism than solace. While Gibbs has no doubt changed a bit, as has everyone his age, that bit is wholly imperceptible to the human ear. ~ Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

With 65 albums to his credit, winner of 3 major jazz polls and creator of 300+ compositions (recorded by Gibbs, Nat Cole, Les Brown, Cannonball Adderly, Count Basie, George Shearing, etc.), Gibbs has left an indelible mark in the world of vibes.

“Its an honor to be featured on The Jazz Network Worldwide”. ~ Terry Gibbs

“This feature means a lot to me, Terry and my father Chubby Jackson were very dear friends and this is my way of paying homage to their friendship as well as honoring Terry’s evergreen talent. I know my Dad would totally be diggin’ this recording.” ~ Jaijai Jackson, The Jazz Network Worldwide




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Objet : Featured: The DUKES of Dixieland’s CD “Here Come The Girls” live @ French Quarter Festival 2017.
Featured this week on The Jazz Network Worldwide:  The DUKES of Dixieland with their latest CD “Here Come The Girls” live at the French Quarter Festival 2017.

“Here Come The Girls” is a live recording performed Live at French Quarter Festival in 2017 at the new Jack Daniels Stage with a series of newly arranged songs from New Orleans legends such as The Meters, Allen Toussaint, Ernie K-Doe, Professor Longhair, Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew.
“The DUKES of Dixieland are sure to bring their signature sound across to their audiences.  The authentic New Orleans essence is all over “Here Come The Girls”. I’m sure the audience was rockin’ in their chairs and taking in the down home vibe of this signature band.  It’s great to feature a band with such versatility yet stays close to their New Orleans roots”, says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

The DUKES of Dixieland band members consist of Leader, Kevin Clark on trumpet, Ryan Burrage on clarinet, Alan Broome on bass, Joe Kennedy on piano, Wes Anderson, trombone and David Mahoney on drums.

“This project is another departure from our Trad jazz and New Orleans Rhythm & Blues legendary style.  This album is more boogie woogie written in a style of New Orleans R&B”, says leader Kevin Clark

Producer John Shoup, re-formed the DUKES of Dixieland and opened their jazz club atop the Monteleone Hotel in the French Quarter, 43 years ago in 1974.

The DUKES have created a rigorous schedule throughout the years traveling overseas to perform at festivals and Performing Arts Centers in the USA. DUKES’ PLACE was always home to them until 1986 when they moved to a new venue on Bourbon Street called MAHOGANY HALL.  Twenty-five years ago in 1992, they moved home base to the STEAMBOAT NATCHEZ, where they have performed 300 nights a year ever since.

As seasoned veterans of their craft this band has clocked over 30 concerts a year offering eight different themes from”Mardi Gras”; “Blues on the Bayou”; “Symphonic Jazz”; “Voodoo Revue”; “Celebrating Satchmo”; “New Orleans Jazz Legends” and “Back to Bourbon Street”.  The symphonic jazz started in 1974 when the DUKES performed in Grant Park with the Chicago Pops Orchestra and has continued more recently when they performed 5 nights in Symphony Hall with the Boston Pops.  They are looking to continue to offer their artistry worldwide through all types of music festivals that would enjoy the variables of musicianship they offer for the 2018/2019 festival rosters worldwide.

Outside of  their dixieland name, they play New Orleans music, from Dr. John, Fats Domino, Huey Smith and Louis Prima. With a repertoire of roughly 400 tunes, there is still room for their original compositions as the  pre-eminent New Orleans band and New Orleans Ambassadors.

Keeping their momentum alive, they found time to record 30 albums, one being GLORYLAND, that was nominated for a Grammy in the Gospel category, produced 3 PBS television shows “New Orleans Pops”; “Salute to Jelly Roll Morton” and “Celebrating Satchmo” as well as streaming one show a week on the internet.

Be sure to visit their official site at DUKES Of Dixieland




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Around 1924 Basie moved to Harlem, a hotbed for jazz, where his career started to quickly take off.  Shortly after he got there, he got a gig replacing Fats Waller with a touring vaudeville act. When he came back to Harlem, Fats Waller showed him how to play the organ, and Willie “the Lion” Smith took him under his wing. He went out on tour with on the vaudeville and TOBA circuits again until his performance group disbanded in the mid-1920s, leaving him stuck in Kansas City. It was here that he was introduced to the big-band sound when he joined Walter Page’s Blue Devils in 1928. Basie now called Kansas City home.

Basie heard Bennie Moten’s band, and longed to play with them. But Moten was an expert piano player himself, and Basie fashioned a job for himself as the band’s staff arranger. He couldn’t write music at the time, but his ear was perfect. Eventually, Moten generously let Basie sit in on piano.

A year later, Basie joined Bennie_Moten’s band, and played with them until Moten’s death in 1935. Basie then formed his own nine-piece band, Barons of Rhythm, with many former Moten members including Walter Page (bass), Freddie Green (guitar), Jo Jones (drums), Lester Young (tenor saxophone) and Jimmy Rushing (vocals).

The Barons of Rhythm were regulars at the Reno Club and often performed for a live radio broadcast. During a broadcast the announcer wanted to give Basie’s name some style, so he called him “Count.” Little did Basie know this touch of royalty would give him proper status and position him with the likes of Duke Ellington and Earl Hines.

Famed record producer and journalist, John Hammond, heard the band’s broadcast and began writing about the Orchestra to gain their attention. He then traveled from New York to Kansas City just to hear the band and to meet Count Basie. He soon started booking the band and shopping them to agents and record companies – forging their big break. In 1937 Basie took his group, Count Basie and His Barons of Rhythm, to New York to record their first album with Decca Records under their new name, The Count Basie Orchestra.




Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide:  Vocalist, Lisa Lindsley with her CD ‘Long After Midnight’, released earlier this year, and a ‘sneek peek’ of upcoming release ‘Wouldn’t It Be Loverly’!

“Long After Midnight” is a gorgeous collection of sultry songs of overlooked standards that highlight Lindsley’s sultry and smoky soprano voice.

 “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly”, which will be released August 25th, is an intriguing tribute to film musicals, delivered with heady arrangements, swinging tempos and flawless musicianship.

Lisa Lindsley is a very unique talent indeed; it seems she is one that seeks out music, which she molds into a message of her own emotional centerpiece.  There is a confidence that is sparked in her, creating a synergy with her musicians that elevates our looking and listening into life itself as well as our relationships, all with a natural flare, giving and taking from each song an approach of relaxed phrasing.  

Lindsley doesn’t waste any time sharing the music she has gathered on her jazz journey. With its echoes of Thelonious Monk’s iconic ballad “Round Midnight,” James Wilson and Tricia Lee Sampson’s lovely “Long After Midnight” offers an alluring invitation to a seductive night-time world that pulses with the heartbeat of Chambers’ imposing bass.  The title track of the quartet’s 2016 release, Long After Midnight, charted for three weeks on the U.S. FMQB Top 40, and remained in the Top 5 slot for seven weeks on the CMJ Jazz charts.

Jazz journalist Andrew Gilbert says of ‘Long After Midnight’, “It’s an album for blissful late-night listening that leaves you wondering what the next day has to offer.”

“A truly sultry singer who captures the evening mood with gusto, Lisa Lindsley casts a musical spell on ‘Long After Midnight’, voicing beautiful love songs from the city for lovers, for the lover in all of us.”  Edward Blanco – All About Jazz

“Lisa Lindsley has a unique style all her own and is not afraid to show it, her originality and phrasing leave the listener spell-bound as to the vocal destinations she takes you to.  Her engaging smokey soprano voicings coupled with a tightly cohesive band, musically conversing, taking these international melodic jazz musings to a new height in the presentation of standards that become all her own”, says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide social network.

“Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” is an intriguing tribute to film musicals, delivered with heady arrangements, swinging tempos and flawless musicianship. Working with a stellar coterie of Parisian players, she delivers an irresistible program featuring pianist Laurent Marode, drummer Mourad Benhammou, Esaie Cid on flute, clarinet and tenor saxophone, and Bay Area bass master Jeff Chambers (the Paris session’s only ringer).  Lindsley invites listeners to surrender to her smoky soprano, while her vocal command and deft timing assure they will be delighted they did.  “Living and creating on two different continents, America and France, is not easy, but the magic that flies when we are together is just heaven. We created this CD in one 8 hour session, just like they use to in the old days. It was difficult to decide which songs, so we just went with our all time favorites and came up with a collection of beloved songs” says Lisa.

La Belle Epoque will tour the U.S. and Europe, fall of 2017. They are scheduled to record their next album in October during their tour in France.

Lindsley’s goal is to reach jazz stages worldwide with her artistry and to exercise her philanthropic heart in fundraising efforts of ambassadorship to non-profit organizations that are meaningful to her life and the lives of children.

Catch Lisa Lindsley’s feature on this week, as well as visit her official ; and to listen, purchase and learn more.




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