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WEBSITE​​YOUTUBE​​BANDCAMP​FACEBOOK​​TWITTER Bookings: James Coyle +64 22 546 6972 123 Daniell St Wellington NZ The Nudge are a fresh form of innovative blues and roots. “Keen for a Nudge?” The Nudge have been forming their genre crossing sound since 2010. Formed initially from Ryan Prebble wishing to expand what was originally a solo project. Elements of blues were naturally there, however with the addition of Coyle and Whakamoe, The Nudge has come to find their sound far more psychedelic and hypnotic. What establishes these guys as unique is there ability to full the sonic’s of the music, both layered and texturally, to be a crucial part of their song writing. Often tribal in rhythm, the element of a party and dance vibe is never far away from the heart of the songs. This heart of the Nudge is best described in their debut album “Big Nudge Pie” released in 2011 The Nudge, is increasingly exploring the cinematic & performance side of its music, taking audiences on a journey they are not likely to forget. Through their collaboration with composer John Psathas in 2014/2015 there is a strong element of orchestration and exploration of arrangements, which will feature in their second full length album due for release summer 2015 & 2016.

The Nudge – Moving In You


WEBSITE​​YOUTUBE​​BANDCAMP​FACEBOOK​​TWITTER Bookings: James Coyle +64 22 546 6972 123 Daniell St Wellington NZ Backline requirements: The Nudge Technician: Bernard Gruschow,, +64273394101 Iraia Whakamoe ­ Drums Snare and Cymbals (Check In) 1 x 5 piece Drum Kit (Local Hire) 1 x Kick, 1 x Snare stand, 1 x 14” Rack Tom, 2 x 16” Floor Tom, 3 x Cymbal Stand, 1 x Hi Hat Stand, 1 x Kick Pedal, 1 x Throne. James Coyle ­ Bass Piano, Organ Bass Piano (Check In) Bass Amplifier (Local Hire) 1 x 8×10 Cabinet (prefer Ampeg), 1 x Bass Head (prefer Ampeg) Organ Amplifier (Local Hire) 1 x Roland Jazz Chorus Organ (Check in or local Hire) 1 x Acetone GT7 Organ, OR 1 x Farfisa VIP or Professional Keyboard stands x 2 (local hire) Ryan Prebble ­ Guitar & Vocals Guitar x 2 (Check In) Guitar stands x 2 (local hire) Guitar Amplifier (Local Hire) 1 x Silver Face Fender Twin Reverb Check in Pieces (including personal): 8 Freight Pieces (instrument only): 8 (not including drums or amps) Note: we are all Koru members, so 2 items of luggage each on Air New Zealand.

WEBSITE​​YOUTUBE​​BANDCAMP​FACEBOOK​​TWITTER Bookings: James Coyle +64 22 546 6972 123 Daniell St Wellington NZ Individual Biographies Iraia Whakamoe ­ Hawkes Bay NZ ​(Nga Tuhoe) Active Projects: The Nudge, A Hori Buzz, Fly My Pretties. Iraia is a naturally talented party drummer, always thinking of the dance floor, and the dynamics of the beat. Through his tireless work in the movie & music industry Iraia has carved a unique path, and his career is blossoming. Growing up in the regions gave Iraia a great sense of hard work, and chasing after your dreams in the difficult industry of music in NZ. James Coyle ­ Canterbury NZ Active Projects: The Nudge, Newtown Rocksteady, Fly My Pretties. “..I feel most comfortable in music as an accompanist, a player who listens to songs and expands on thoughts, ideas…” James is an accomplished musician and events specialist, managing the music for NZ’s largest annual outdoor street concert & Market, the Newtown Festival. James often ends up in the driving seat for bringing ideas and projects together. Musically his style is very similar to Ray Manzarek of The Doors, performing as the bassist and organist for The Nudge. Ryan Prebble ­ Hawkes Bay NZ Active Projects: The Nudge, Fly My Pretties, Spartacus R “.. I’ve always had a deep love for music. I can remember as a small boy walking around the house singing at the top of my lungs, and then picking up a tennis raquet and strumming it like a guitar. When i play music, i feel like i’m at home. It’s my natural place. Where i can communicate with people without talking or even looking at them..” Ryan Prebble is a songwriter, arranger, producer and accomplished engineer. As the Leader of the band musically, Ryan shapes the music with a great sense of audio, and knowing how to bring interesting ideas to completion. WEBSITE​​YOUTUBE​​BANDCAMP​FACEBOOK​​TWITTER Bookings: James Coyle +64 22 546 6972 123 Daniell St Wellington NZ

Discography: Big Nudge Pie L.P. Independant release 2011 Album 2 (Untilted) L.P. (To be released summer 2015 / 2016) Video / Single Release: Moving In You 2011 (Self Funded) Leif 2013 (Funded by Greater Wellington Regional Council) International Tours: 2012 Bali, Potatohead Venue 1 month Residency 2012 Melbourne, Fly My Pretties support 2013 Melbourne, Fat Freddy’s Drop support 2013 Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Kora Support Tour 2015 Champagne, France “No Man’s Land” Film Project Funding: 2015 New Zealand France Friendship Fund No Man’s Land Film Project NZ Show Highlights 2010 The Black Seeds Support Tour 4 date NZ tour 2011 Fly My Pretties CHCH 2000 pax 2011 National Album Release Tour 9 Date NZ tour 2012 Coromandel Gold 10000 pax 2012 Newtown Festival 3000 pax 2012 Fat Freddys Drop 3000 pax 2013 Kaikoura Summer Sounds 2000 pax 2013 Fly My Pretties Support 6 Date NZ tour 2013 Rhythm and Vines 15000 pax 2013 Rhythm and Alps 5000 pax 2013 Kora Summer Tour 6 Date NZ tour 2014 South Island Tour 4 Date NZ tour 2014 Kaikoura Summer Sounds 2000 pax 2014 Newtown Festival 3000 pax 2014 South Island Tour 4 Date NZ tour 2015 Fly My Pretties NZ Tour Matua Winery 10,000 pax Theatre Royal NZ 1400 pax 2015 Kaikoura Summer Sounds 2000 pax 2015 Newtown Festival 6000 pax.





























































































































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