Tigers are on the BRINK of extinction

tigers are on the BRINK of extinction

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Jean Paul — tigers are on the BRINK of extinction! Experts agree they could go extinct within 10 years!

Save Animals Facing Extinction is doing everything they can to reverse this trend and SAVE tigers from extinction. If you want to do your part to save tigers, please sign your name now >>

— John Hlinko, LeftAction


Jean Paul —

Tigers could go extinct within the next 10 years.

Tigers are one of the world’s most dazzling and majestic animals, but they are rapidly disappearing from the wild.

It’s on all of us to reverse this trend by STOPPING the slaughter of innocent tigers. So we’re asking for your help:


Sign your name: Demand an end to tiger poaching >>


Over the last 😯 years, three of the nine subspecies of tigers have become completely EXTINCT. And all tiger species are considered endangered.

One of the most pressing threats to the survival of tigers is the trade of their meat, pelt, and bones. They are being relentlessly massacred to the point of extinction for folk remedies. Even the Bengal tiger, the most numerous of the subspecies, still only boasts a wild population of around 2,5OO.

If we don’t do something immediately to protect and preserve the remaining tiger population, we will lose EVERY tiger species. Forever.

Please, sign your name to demand an end to tiger poaching:
They’re relying on you,
– The Save Animals Facing Extinction Team



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