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Ladies:<br />
          Let Dad Bond With the Baby Too

Ladies: Let Dad Bond With the Baby Too

New moms often fall in love with their newborn baby so much that they completely forget the baby was conceived with the help of a dad. As the carrier of the child, you’ve already acquired a bond that the father will never be able to match, as you and the child experienced growth together for […]


Obama’s Second Term: Will He Ignore Africa Again?

Obama’s Second Term: Will Obama Keep His Promise to Visit Africa This Time Around?

America’s first black President, Barack Obama, promised to visit his father’s ancestral home of Kenya before the end of his presidency. During his first four years as president, Obama visited some 51 countries, but during that time, he spent less than one day in all of Africa, south of the Sahara. Most second term presidents […]

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Dr. Tony Martin; Noted<br />
            Scholar and Proponent of Pan-Africanism Passes AwayDr. Tony Martin, the accomplished and tenured professor at Wellesley College and founding member and chair of the Africana studies department has passed away at 70. Dr. Martin was a disciple of the teachings and philosophies of Marcus Garvey, the political leader and staunch proponent of Pan-Africanism. Pan Africanism is the ideology and movement that […]

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Your Black History: Read About<br />
            America’s First Black-Owned NewspaperBy Victor Trammell It is often humbling as an African-American to learn about the pioneers who paved the way for racial equality in various trades all across the board. Presently, Floyd Mayweather is arguably the most dominant figure in the sport of boxing. However, the sacrifices of the late Jack Johnson definitely laid the groundwork for […]


Dr. Boyce:<br />
              Sharpton’s Meeting with “Civil Rights Leaders” – Can It Be<br />
              Taken Seriously?

by Dr. Boyce Watkins I read recently that Rev. Al Sharpton and other individuals in the civil rights community are gathering this week to discuss a black agenda.  I haven’t spoken to Rev. Sharpton for over a year now, after it became clear that he and I do not see President Barack Obama in the […]

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New<br />
              Attacks On Oil Pipelines In Nigeria Occur In Different<br />
              Parts Of The Country; Tension SpreadsBy Victor Trammell Nigeria is a critical African nation that has strategic alliances with several Western governments. It is Africa’s most populous nation and is a global exporter of crude oil. Attacks on oil pipelines are common, as thieves rely on a black market that feeds on stolen petroleum. Usually attacks on Nigerian oil pipelines […]

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African Leaders Discuss<br />
              Infrastructure At World Economic Forum In DavosBy Victor Trammell Goodluck Jonathan, the President of Nigeria and other African leaders gathered in Davos, Switzerland to engage in important dialogue about the rebuilding of infrastructure on the African continent. Many African nations are dealing with underwhelming progress toward modernization and development. During discussions at the World Economic Forum, Nigerian President Jonathan spoke about […]

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Rapper T.I. and Tiny Talk Marriage in Ebony Magazine’s “Black Love” Issue

Rapper T.I. and Tiny<br />
              Talk Marriage in Ebony Magazine’s “Black Love” Issue

T.I. and his wife, singer Tiny, are gracing this month’s issue of Ebony Magazine , as part of their “Black Love” issue. The two talked about how…

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Tina Turner Reportedly Giving Up U.S. Passport to Become Swiss

Tina Turner Reportedly Giving Up U.S.<br />
              Passport to Become Swiss

According to the Swiss media, Tina Turner, who has been living in Switzerland since 1995, will give up her U.S. passport in exchange for Swiss citizenship. “I’m very…

Woman Sues Match.com for $10M After Date with Violent Man

Fifty-year-old Mary Kay Beckman is suing mega dating site Match.com for $10 million for allegedly pairing her with a man that nearly ended her life. Her date, Wade…

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A Healthy Diet Doesn’t Improve the Health of People Over 75

If you have an elderly relative suffering from an illness that requires a strict diet to improve their health, you may be disappointed to learn that the diet…

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Lou Rodriguez: What Financial Gurus Don’t Teach You About Managing Holiday Debt

Lou Rodriguez: What Financial Gurus Don’t Teach<br />
              You About Managing Holiday Debtby Lou Rodriguez And now let the sweating begin folks!  I’m not talking about sweating to pay those credit card bills from your holiday spending spree; those have…

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Atlantic City declared code blue and rescued<br />
                  homeless people from the severe weather conditions.

Pastor Bill Warner is working with the Atlantic City Rescue Mission to find homeless people…

Fans subscribed to the Ladies Who Love the Lord<br />
                    Facebook fan page were asked if ministers should<br />
                    make an annual salary of 1 million dollars or more.

Many people often challenge pastors, especially those who preside over large congregations, for their lavish…

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Halle Barry Exposes Cha Chas In New Comedy Film, Movie 43

Halle Barry Exposes Cha Chas<br />
                      In New Comedy Film, Movie 43Halle Barry has done it again. This time she did not go all the way with exposing herself ,but she took that extra leap for her new film,…

January 25, 2013 / / Read More #

Rapper Dr. Dre Tops Forbes ‘World’s 25 Highest-Paid Musicians List’

Rapper Dr. Dre<br />
                      Tops Forbes ‘World’s 25 Highest-Paid Musicians<br />
                      List’Rap mogul, Dr. Dre, has topped “The World’s 25 Highest-Paid Musicians” list. According to Forbes, Dre raked in $110 million in pretax earnings. He can credit his large…

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Beyonce Shakes Off Lip-Syncing Controversy

Beyonce Shakes Off Lip-Syncing ControversyBeyonce seems to be one of the only performers to only receive mild heat for lip-syncing at a performance. Reports began to surface that she was miming…


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