Victoria Ginty’s New Album

Victoria Ginty’s New Album


Victoria Ginty’s New Album, “Unfinished Business” Captures Vocalist’s Soulful Blues

“Unfinished Business” (Blue Door Records), the new album by Victoria Ginty (Release Date: Friday, May 4) captures the vocalist’s unique, soulful blues style. Recorded at GCR Audio Studios in Buffalo, the eleven tracks (eight originals) on Unfinished Business also fuse R&B, Soul, and Americana,  sure to please the palette of the most avid music connoisseurs.                               

“Unfinished Business” (V. Ginty/M. Ivey): Raucous, barrelhouse blues tune where she spots the guy she’s met before but never gone further than a kiss goodnight. She’s ready to take it further with him because she’s got…Unfinished Business. Fun and flirtatious.

“Take Me Down” (V. Ginty/M. Ivey): Opens like an old-fashioned outdoor Baptism service, Whoa Ohh chant, with Ginty’s “testifying” Acapella, then shifts into a funky, upbeat Gospel feel as Victoria sings about growing up scared, realizing she needs redemption from her sins.

“Hard To Move On” (V. Ginty/M. Ivey/G. Lougen): Easy-rolling song about the regret of a breakup where she let him go, but can’t seem to move on. A melancholy realization it’s time to move on.

“You Don’t Love Me No More” (V. Ginty/M. Ivey): Expresses the frustration and anger a woman feels when her emotional needs are not being met by her significant other. The song’s upbeat tempo belies the rapid-fire accusation ‘you don’t love me no more’ while her elephant-like memory recalls the episodes that led to this sad realization.

“Every Night And Every Day”: Sexy remake of a slow blues tune written by Jimmy McCracklin. Ginty’s soft voice singing into the ear of her lover is accentuated by Grace Lougen’s expressive guitar soloing.

“Do Me Right” (V. Ginty/M. Ivey): Rocking blues  number where she’s telling her no-good man who’s stayed out all night, drunk all the time and doing her wrong, to “do the right thing” and just leave!

“Water” (V. Ginty/M. Ward): Melodic tale about being in an ’emotional desert’ and meeting someone that’s like water to a deprived, dying soul. It also has spiritual overtones – looking up to say ‘Please Lord give me water.’ Co-written by Grammy-nominated Michael Alan Ward.

“Sign Your Name”: Remake of a Terrance Trent D’Arby song with an added Latin flavor. Beautiful descant soprano at song’s end.

“Lying (In Each Other’s Arms)”: About an illicit affair that the two people involved can’t seem to end, though they know they’re living a lie. Soulful blues at its best! Written by Grammy-winning writer, Earl Bud Lee.

“Give It Up” (V. Ginty/M. Ivey): R&B-flavored, fun, flirtatious track about a woman telling her man to give in to his feelings as she has, and come back!

“The Blues Found Me” (V. Ginty/M. Ivey): Oozing with soul, album-closing track speaks of growing up and realizing we’re responsible for all the things that happen to us despite trying to blame circumstances.

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