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Greetings Jean Paul Bellanger,

7 days from now on November 1, I will be doing something I’ve never done before.. Creating an entire album and having YOU involved with me from creation through release of all the new music. Are you ready to climb onboard?

I’ll be lauching the campaign for my new upcoming album, “Dangerously Close” exclusively through PledgeMusic. What is PledgeMusic? PledgeMusic.com is an online Direct-to-Fan / Fan-funded music platform that facilitates musicians reaching out to their fan-base (termed Pledgers) to financially contribute to upcoming recordings or other musical projects. In my case I have decided to share the album creation process from the very beginning (Nov. 1) through to release (Spring 2013). Depending on which pledge amount you give you get an exclusive pledge reward in return (similar to Kickstarter.com).

Here are 3 final previews of the special pledge rewards I’ll be giving each album supporter via PledgeMusic (13 in total to choose from at launch). All pledge rewards include a digital download of the final album weeks before the rest of the planet – get absolutely excited:

$90 Will Black T-Shirt & Signed Picture + Autographed CD – THE “GROUPIE GOODIES PACKAGE”

Get a LIMITED EDITION Will Black T-Shirt to hang in your closet (custom artwork created for this campaign only) and a glossy mini-poster to hang on your wall. You will only ever be able to get these one-off items here – collector’s items already!

The dudes can get dude shirts and the chicks can get chick shirts… or swap it around and get one for your sweetheart as a thoughtful gift.

This pledge also includes a personally autographed “Dangerously Close” new album CD.

$250 Guitar / Songwriting Lesson Via Skype – THE “SIX STRING DISCIPLE”

Do you want to learn how to play a song on guitar? Maybe you’d like a hand in writing your very first song? Let me share my method for guitar playing & songwriting that I used to write the song for “Dangerously Close”. Let your inner muse shine!

Included is a 60 minute private lesson with me over Skype. For a guitar lesson you will need your own guitar, however if you are a singer with lyrics and want me to accompany you while we write a song together, then an instrument isn’t necessary. (FYI – piano works great too!).

I will also send you an MP3 recording of the entire lesson at the end of our session.

$1000 Will Black Writes & Records You A Song – THE “V.I.P. EXCLUSIVE TREATMENT”

Has anyone ever written a song for you? Do you have someone special in your life that would love having their very own tune written just for them? You decide how romantic, outrageous or rock n’ roll you want your song to be and then get me to create it. This is a highly exclusive and personalized pledge reward for V.I.P.’s only 😉

I will contact you via email with a questionnaire to get the necessary details for me to write that perfect song you desire. I’ll then record the song on acoustic guitar and send you a studio quality MP3 along with mailing you an autographed, handwritten lyric sheet and personal “Thank You” letter.

I guarantee that your song will receive the same focus and attention as that of my previously released original work!

So we’re almost there! The campaign itself will launch next Thursday at 8 AM EST with the PledgeMusic site officially unlocking. There will be an intro video from me explaining the campaign to hit 100% success plus the release of “Pretty Garden” on MP3 and the music video. Next week’s newsletter will go over EVERYTHING you need to know to be a part of this cool, new experience.

I’ve included another edition of CLASSIC ALBUM REWIND below detailing my long history with Bon Jovi’s “New Jersey” record. Fun stuff going down memory lane with this one..

Also, a quick FYI that The Blinding Heights Podcast will return with an all-new episode in mid-November – I haven’t forgot, just making room for PledgeMusic stuff 🙂

It all happens next week on November 1 so until then -> rock on!



Bon Jovi – New Jersey (1988)

This was one of the first casette tapes I ever got and I remember it clearly – Christmas morning 1988. Santa had been kind in getting me these rock n’ roll tunes so I could blast them into my anticating ears. My buddy who lived down the street had been a Bon Jovi fan since Slippery When Wet and when New Jersey came out it was all he could rave about. “Bad Medicine” was playing on the radio and everyone was talking about this new album – so it became the keystone of my hard rock education.

I had a paper route that I had to deliver at night that winter (on my mountain bike in the snow) and I remember freezing my ass off while listening to New Jersey over and over again in my Sony Walkman… 25 years later I’m playing rock music for a living so I’m greateful for childhood dreams coming true 😉

This album was the follow-up to the band’s 1986 breakthrough Slippery When Wet, reaching at #1 on the Billboard 200 and producing five Billboard Hot 100 top ten singles, the most top ten hits to date for a hard rock album.

Below are my favorite lines from each of the album’s songs (in playlist order) plus links to watch the videos on YouTube. Please discover these great tracks for yourself:

LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME (peaked at #7 on Billboard)
I’m a fighter, I’m a poet, I’m a preacher. I’ve been to school and baby, I’ve been the teacher.” – Great drum intro, epic video.. I wonder if I can get a catwalk built for a show at Hog Penny?

BAD MEDICINE (peaked at #1 on Billboard)
I need a respirator cause I’m running out of breath. You’re an all night generator wrapped is stockings and a dress.” – Again, the video with all the chickies working video cameras to film the band while they prance around the stadium… Man, I really need a leather jacket with fringe, always wanted one of those.

BORN TO BE MY BABY (peaked at #3 on Billboard)
We’re two kids hitching down the road of life. Our world, our fight – Love the way the band mixes up the key change in the prechorus on this one, awesome song.

LIVING IN SIN (peaked at #9 on Billboard)
“Now there’s a million questions I could ask about our lives, but I only need one answer to get me through the night” – The big “makeout in the back of the car” tune… but I wouldn’t learn this until a few years later 😉 Yup, this song meant a lot to me..

“Through the years and miles between us it’s been a long and lonely ride, but if I got a call in the dead of the night I’d be right by your side.” – The end of Side A and one of the best lyrics Jon, Richie and Desmond Child ever wrote together. I’m still buddies with some of my mates I was friends with back when I first heard this.

“When I was just a boy the devil took my hand. Took me from my home, he made me a man. So, don’t talk to me about sympathy now, ’cause you can’t dance if you take a chance on your rosary now.” – One of the few blues-rock numbers from a Bon Jovi album and I love it. Great to hear Jon on harp and David on organ trading off in the solo section.

“Cold is the night without your love To see me through. Wild, wild is the wind that blows through my heart.” – Another fantastic chorus sung by Jon and Richie with some nice flamenco guitar by Richie to open the tune. Richie really hits some ball-bustin’ notes at the end of this one.

“I could be the romantic, I could try my best lines, but ain’t got the money and we ain’t got the time.” – Short and sweet, I used to perform this tune a lot on the streets when I was busking in the ’90s.

“So you want to be the big time some people have to drag you down. There’s no living in the backseat if you’re gonna drive through town.” – One of my favorite Jovi tunes that was never released as a single – such a great tune and placed perfectly on the album.

I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU (peaked at #1 on Billboard)
“And Baby you know my hands are dirty, but I wanted to be your valentine. I’ll be the water when you get thirsty, baby. When you get drunk, I’ll be the wine.” – Every classic rock record needs to have some sitar in it somewhere… the big ballad from the record that shot the album to the moon. That scream Jon pulls off in this song is a stratospheric…

“A good time here don’t cost much money just a little sweet talking and a pretty native honey and you’re set for life
Or one hell of a night.”
– One of my top 2 fav songs from the album! Captures the vibe and energy of a hot summer day at the beach with sweat & bikinis perfectly. I love the guitar on this one – spot on.

“Send up a signal throw me a line somebody explain ” this funny Valentine.” It might not be legal but it sure ain’t a crime, I’m one step from crazy and two steps behind.” – I love that the guys recorded this loaded and got such a great take out of it. Another tune I love to bang out on acoustic guitar live.

SEPTEMBER VIDEO BLOGThis month I answer YOUR questions from the balcony as the sun sets on another beautiful day in Bermuda.. Questions like:Is Will Black my real name?

What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done to me on stage?

What do I do first thing in the morning?

Plus I announce the name of my upcoming new album project “Dangerously Close”.

Chris is wearing my shirt… I’m wearing his – so cool!He’s the beatbox… I’m the rest – so rock n’ roll!

Lady Gaga needs to see this to appreciate it…


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