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Scenes from last Friday night at Hog Penny

Greetings Jean Paul Bellanger,

Last Friday night I rocked the house with Keith White, Jason Bracewell and Neil “Sharkbait” Burnie for a night’s worth of rock n’ roll at Hog Penny. Take a look at the pics above for lots more from the environment.

45 days left in the album campaign and I’m asking for all my fans (that includes YOU lovely newSletter reader) to consider pledging towards the new album project. I put a lot of effort into creating some killer pledger rewards, so take a look and check out what all the fuss is about:


IF possible, PLEASE don’t wait until the end of the campaign time limit to contribute as I am going to be booking studio time soon and would love to see sYOUR pledge so I can record more songs!

I also went into the achives, with some help from one-man busker deluxe Dave Harris (Victoria, BC), and I’ve posted a couple pics from my early days performing on the streets of Victoria, British Columbia below… I think I’m about 21 years old in those pics.

See you next week… “should” be a new Blinding Heights podcast out then too.

Rock on,


Do you brag to your friends that rock ’n roll will never die? Maybe a Will Black song continually haunts your dreams? Then this pledge reward has been created specially for you.

Have your name and picture immortalized as a true supporter of independent music among the exclusive credits of “Dangerously Close” (in the album CD liner notes and album webpage). Take pride in letting Planet Earth know that you truly are a patron of new classic rock music.

As a BONUS GIFT for being a Super-Fan, you will also receive personally autographed copies of “Dangerously Close” and my debut record “Dancing With The Dead”. Twice as nice because you rock 😉


Victoria, BC – Summer 1999

Pics from my last summer spent busking full-time on Government St. and the Inner Harbour in downtown Victoria, B.C. – one of the prettiest places to perform on the streets anywhere. Had some great performances and it was awesome to be part of such a cool community of fellow musicians and street entertainers.

HALLOWEEN 2012Celebrating Halloween 2012 with The Crazy Wednesdays at Hog Penny on Saturday, October 27.Beam us up – Scottie!

Hang with out with me and Sue as we talk about the nuts and bolts of my new album fan-funding campaign via PledgeMusic.


Bon Jovi vs. Aerosmith with
a shot of Springsteen,
Willy wants to be YOUR
rock ‘n roll superhero!

WIll Black @ PledgeMusic

“I JUST PLEDGED…!!! WooHooo..!!! SO EXCITED bout Will’s New Album in 2013..!!! SO GET ON BOARD NOW..so we can make this happen..He CANNOT do it WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT..!! So PLEASE check out ALL the cool PLEDGE OPTIONS..For as little as $10.

. YOU can make a difference..and immediately YOU GET a FREE download of Will’s new single..”Pretty Garden” and the AWESOME New Rock Video shot at Hog Penny by the ONE and ONLY MILTON REPOSO…!!! SPOT your fav Peeps in the video….JUST DO IT…!!! NO PROCRASTINATION ALLOWED…Lol..!!!! TOGETHER WE CAN ROCK THIS PROJECT…!!!!!!! SHARE YOUR LOVE of ROCK’N ROLL, with YOUR SUPPORT…!!! :)”

Sue Kemp – PLEDGED

Will Black

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Aerosmith with a shot of Springsteen, Willy wants to be YOUR rock ‘n roll superhero!
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