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Bon Jovi “Because We Can”

Greetings Jean Paul Bellanger,

Exciting things are in full swing now to kick off 2013 ūüôā

I’m currently in pre-production getting the finishing touches on the song arrangements for the new album “Dangerously Close” before I start recording at Metalworks Studios in Toronto on Feb. 11. Album #2 is fast approaching!! The album debuts on¬†PledgeMusic¬†April 9 and for the rest of the world in May.

In the meantime I’m also enjoying my winter break from performing at Hog Penny Pub and it’s allowing me to focus on some new projects I had wanted to start. One of which being MUSIC VIDEO WEEKLY.

MUSIC VIDEO WEEKLY will be an ongoing process to capture my favorite cover songs and original tunes on video and post to the world on a weekly basis. This week I started things off a little differently than normal, I recorded the latest new song from Bon Jovi on Monday – the very same morning it was released to the world. You can watch it right here ->http://youtu.be/UpJVyRENo28

Then starting with next week’s video you will be able to WATCH / LISTEN / DOWNLOAD in MP3 AUDIO and MP4 VIDEO formats – cool, right? More details next week on Thursday when the next video debuts..

And if you want to watch some WB TV go check out all the videos currently available on my YouTube Channel.

Rock on,

Lots of videos to choose from including original songs, covers of your favorite bands, my video blog, interviews and episodes from The Blinding Heights Podcast. It’s all right here ->http://www.youtube.com/user/theblindingheights/featured

Bon Jovi vs. Aerosmith with
a shot of Springsteen,
Willy wants to be YOUR
rock ‘n roll superhero!

YouTube Channel Link

Together.. let’s get “Dangerously Close”.

NOVEMBER VIDEO BLOGBRUCE SPRINGSTEEN TRIBUTE!Performance clips and fan interviews from my Dec. 1, 2012 debut Springsteen Tribute at Hog Penny Pub in Bermuda.

WB INTERVIEW WITH JUNO CRISTIJuno Cristi writes a very cool music/spiritual blog called Soulspeak and back in May she interviewed me for a blog article.
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